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Whole Damn Mess – The Debut Album From The Queen and The Outcast & Why I Am Loving It! #wholedamnmess

Whole Damn Mess – The Debut Album From The Queen and The Outcast & Why I Am Loving It! #wholedamnmess

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My family is all about music and we listen to music in our house all of the time. I listen when I am cleaning the house, doing some laundry, cooking, driving and running errands and sometimes while I am working at my desk. My husband just loves listening to music all of the time. I mean all of the time. My daughter Madison is completely the same…. a serious music lover. So with that I have to say that we love all types of music. From 70’s to current…. we love it all. That is why after reading the back story to The Queen and The Outcast, I had to listen to their debut album “Whole Damn Mess”. I was in love right away. Sometimes for me it takes listening to a song a few times before I fall in love and then there are some that as soon as I hear them…. I am in love and like it instantly. That is how I felt with The Queen and The Outcast debut album…. “Whole Damn Mess”. I just love the sound! If you are a fan of One Republic, Train, and Gavin DeGraw, you should really enjoy this soundtrack. I have 2 favorites so far and I have listened to them many times in the last few days and the sound is simply amazing. 

My Favorite Song From The Album…. “And Then They Were” is a fun energetic, upbeat fun song with great lyrics. This is perfect for listening to at home and on the road… and I am for sure loving listening to it. I have to admit that it gets me a bit pumped up. This is the lyric video For you to check out:

And I am also really enjoying the song…. “Anywhere Without You”. This is a cool song with beautiful lyrics and the combination make it a wonderful mellow tune to listen to. I can see myself driving while listening to this song and cleaning and doing projects around the house…. I just love it. This is the lyric video for you to enjoy as well: 

So what do you think so far? I am loving their sound and the Whole Damn Mess debut album from The Queen and The Outcast is spectacular. This album is a unique love story that you get to enjoy with amazing catchy lyrics and a wonderful sound. It is simply beautiful to listen to and  anyone can truly appreciate this special story. Simply beautiful.

Check Out The Tracklist Below & Listen To A Few Of My Faves So Far:

The Queen and The Outcast

1) And There They Were
2) We Don’t Need A Reason
3) Be Good To Yourself
4) Anywhere Without You
5) That’s Just How It Goes
6) Maybe We Should Do It
7) Helium
8) Summer Under Covers
9) When She Says
10) Got You Stuck in My Head


Make sure to stop by and checkout the Whole Damn Mess website plus check them out via social media!


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