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Where to Look Up a UPS Tracking Number

Under the last stats, UPS is a corporation that ships more than 16,9 mln packages annually and works in over 220 countries. The headquarters of the postal enterprise is located in Atlanta, Georgia. United Parcel Service has its own eponymous airline company, including over 230 jet planes. This helps ship cargo and envelopes worldwide as quickly as it’s possible nowadays.

The specified postal operator offers quite a plain procedure for package shipping. However, some customers still have issues with it. And the USP tracking number lookup is one of the most frequent problems. So, let’s dive deeper into that.

How to Look Up a UPS Tracking Number

Recipients should ask senders for such information. Receivers who order shipments online (e.g., by purchasing goods in e-stores) commonly obtain confirmation email letters with tracking numbers (or codes).

Senders may find the codes on the receipts that are given after items are accepted. By the way, experts recommend tracing parcels solely by using trustworthy platforms (like PKGE.NET). That’s because only such sites offer their clients relevant information.

How Does UPS Tracking Number Look Like?

There are several types of such codes. However, the most common kind contains 18 characters, including letters and digits. Frequently, such codes begin with 1Z. So, the specified tracking numbers look like ‘1Z0000000000000000’. Among the other types of codes for tracing parcels, it should be noted:

*12-digit ones – appear as ‘000000000000’;

*those starting with ‘T’ – look like ‘T0000000000’;

*9-digit ones – appear as ‘000000000’.

More rarely, clients track their parcels by employing house air waybills, United Parcel Service InfoNotice (this is a 12-digit reference number), and so on.

What Services Can Be Traced by Using UPS Tracking Numbers

The postal operator offers consumers not only shipment services. The company also proposes numerous additional offerings through its subsidiaries and departments. So, UPS clients may trace shipments performed by the following enterprises:

1.UPS Airlines. This is the cargo airline of United Parcel Service.

2. UPS Flight Forwarding. The project implies fulfilling ‘last-mile’ deliveries by self-driving drones.

3. UPS Freight. Here, deliveries are performed by a freight-based trucking fleet within its logistical reach.

Nevertheless, UPS is still well-known as a huge package delivery company. The postal operator stands out for its hefty experience and spotless reputation within the shipping industry. So, customers, of course, may also track ordinary parcels by applying UPS tracking numbers.

Key UPS Tracking Statuses

Senders and recipients may trace packages at each stage of these parcels’ shipment. Such information is reflected in the ongoing tracking status, for example:

*’Label Created’ means that a parcel is accepted for shipment;

*’On the Way (or Shipped)’ implies scheduling delivery date;

*’Out for Delivery’ signifies that a local postal point has obtained a package;

*’Delivered (or Transferred to Post Office for Delivery)’ means that recipients may pick up parcels in a post office or near their houses;

*’Exception’ signifies that some unexpected errors within the UPS network appeared (this is a temporary issue).

Occasionally, couriers of the United Postal Service leave delivery notices. In such cases, receivers should visit a post office to pick up their packages. More detail about that may be found, e.g., on

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