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When Is The Right Time To Buy An Engagement Ring?

Thinking about finally getting your hands on an engagement ring? Wondering if it’s really the right time for you? A tough nut to crack, isn’t it? Since an engagement ring holds such great value, comes with it tremendous amount of thinking. And why not? You should take your own sweet time before you finally buy your engagement ring. And we’re just here to help you out. Hop on! Let’s clear some buzz on really when is best time to buy engagement ring. 

How to decide when to buy an engagement ring? 

Month, place, timing- you want everything to be just right when you buy your engagement ring, don’t you? Guess what! With thorough thinking and planning, you can have everything covered under your belt! After all, you’re finally thinking about getting committed to the love of your life forever! Goosebumps, already? Well, precisely the right month, place and time should be well thought of when finally thinking when is best time to buy engagement ring. 

Which is the best month to buy an engagement ring and why? 

Although it all boils down to your preference, the holiday season between November to February is often considered proposal season. But when answering what is the best time to buy engagement ring specifically, we’d recommend you to buy your engagement ring 2-3 months prior to the proposal, regardless if you buy your engagement rings in Denver or online (or online from Denver). Depending on your preference, some of the best months to buy an engagement ring are: 

*Autumn Months:  

During the November to February months, which is usually the proposal season, almost everybody would be after that one Perfect Engagement Ring. Chances are that a lot of people would be eyeing the engagement ring that you so dearly want. We bet you wouldn’t want to miss your chance in the rush. So, it’s advisable to buy your engagement ring in around September and October in order to find the engagement ring of your liking without any trouble. Also, since the demand for engagement rings is not that heavy too for the jewelry industry during these months, it’s quite a pocket friendly deal. 

*Before V Day:  

We cannot ignore the fact that there is no better time to propose than the day of eternal romance, i.e, Valentines Day. So, if you’re planning to get engaged to the love of your life on Valentine, there is no better time to buy your engagement ring after Christmas or Thanksgiving. Would give you a plenty of time to plan and the plus point is you could find some of the best deals as well, not to forget the Black Friday discount offers you could grab. 


Don’t you just love the beaches and that breezy weather? Well, if you do spring could also serve as one of the best month to buy engagement ring. Jewelry industry is pretty free during this time as most of the people eye an engagement ring during the holiday season. Thus, they offer summer clearance sale as well, giving you a chance to buy your engagement ring at quite a lower price. So, if you’re looking at it with a low budget point of view along with having a perfect beachy weather to propose, purchasing an engagement ring during Summer could prove to be quite beneficial for you. After all, it’s all about the preferences, right? 

Best place to buy your engagement ring 

Now that we’ve discussed the best time to buy an engagement ring, you must be wondering what could be the best place to buy engagement ring. Why not? After all, you want this one day to be more than perfect for you and your ladylove. Well, finding a perfect place could be the toughest nut to crack but that’ the part and parcel of this big fat process. One of the best platforms to buy engagement ring for women could be Rosec Jewels as it offers a wide variety of rings ranging from solitaire diamond rings to vintage rings having intricate migraine detailing. 

Is it really the right time for you to buy your engagement ring? 

Everything researched and debated, when answering when is best time to buy engagement ring, we would say the answer really lies within yourself. It’s time to do a little reflective thinking and you’d get your answer. Are you actually ready to take up this responsibility? Even more importantly, is your partner ready? Have you ever discussed it with your partner? What was her reaction like? If not, why not have a little future talking of where you see this relationship going? A healthy conversation could actually clear a lot of air. So, take some time off, sit back and let your heart do the thinking this time. After all, the best time to buy your engagement ring is when you feel it’s the right time. 


To sum up, all we’d say is having your preferences and priorities set out would really help you decide when is best time to buy engagement ring. The time could never be wrong if you decide it accordingly. Although the value that an engagement ring holds for you and your partner would remain the same, having everything planned would only help you avoid the last minute rush. Platforms and places for engagement ring for women are endless like we discussed, you just have to clear the air and decide. Remember whether purchasing during Autumn or in December, it all boils down to your preference. We just hope we could clear some of your confusion regarding the same. Having said that, we just want to wish you loads of luck in deciding the right time. Whatever you decide, we hope it makes you and your partner happy above all! 

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