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What’s your go-to casual outfit for going out with friends?

Although while going out with friends, no one is saved from the dilemma of what to wear, we must select the appropriate garments for the occasion. Not everyone finds this task as easy as they would like, that is why this time we will give you some tips on how to dress casually for going out with friends.

Tips on how to dress in casual outfits for going out with friends:

Casual dress is the middle ground between formality and elegance vs sport or much more relaxed looks, however, to project the image that we want everyone to appreciate, it is important to take into account some important points about how.

Fashion is largely a matter of creativity, from the moment garments are created, then displayed, selected, and purchased by a person, until they are put on and combined with others; it is about good taste and the knowledge you have regarding this topic.


If we flat out feel that creativity is not for us and we have no idea how to combine any kind of garment to achieve a casual outfit, today we can use social networks and internet pages like Pinterest. This is one of the platforms where we can find endless ideas on how to dress casually even depending on the occasion or the event that we are going to have, so the lack of creativity or knowledge of fashion should not be an excuse to dress inappropriately.

A nailed to the closet:

Many times, we buy clothes, we put them on a couple of times and we never use them again, then comes the “I have nothing to wear” and we go back to buy more. But, if we went deep into our closet or wardrobe, we would find a large number of garments that can be combined with another, creating multiple alternatives to wear; if you try this, we assure you that it will be a long time before you decide to say that you have nothing to wear.

Sometimes, less is more:

Another mistake that we make when choosing our outfits is overloading ourselves with colors and accessories, causing the original idea and projection to be lost, spoiling the outfit. That is why we recommend not to abuse colors or accessories.

Speaking of colors, the maximum that can be used in an outfit is three, also trying to make them combinable, more colors will lose the sense of clothing; In terms of accessories, it is also important to select them properly. For example, if we already have our hands full of bracelets, perhaps the ideal would be to put on a discreet necklace and earrings and omit rings and other accessories for that day. You can also opt for simple braided bracelets for a more casual look. Click here to check out the lovely designs of braided bracelets by Puravida Bracelets.


If you want to achieve a casual dress, it is important to have the most basic garments in our wardrobe, both in their shapes and in their colors, some of them are black and white blouse and corset shirt. In the same way, it is always important to have presentable jeans that can be combined with blouses and jackets to achieve a look. Other basic elements that should not be missing are black shoes and pants. 

These garments that we have mentioned have great alternatives in terms of combination, so, by having them, it will be easier to get the desired outfit.


How to dress fashionably and casually? You can, but above all, you should prioritize comfort. If you are going to go out all day, going comfortable is an excellent option, beware, this does not mean that you go with the first thing you find. But yes, with clothes that help you have a good day. Women can wear wide pants and crop neck top, also low-heeled shoes and a long-sleeved blouse, you can accompany it with a chain necklace and a brightly colored bag.


If you have an event, a party, or family dinner at night, you can make a combination of casual clothes and give them an elegant touch with an accessory or sneakers. Midi skirts fulfill the function of comfort and elegance very well, you can wear them with shirts or turtlenecks if it is a cold season. But if you choose to wear pants you can choose between different fits, textures, and shine.


Denim pants are classics when building a casual outfit. Also, play with different layers of clothing including green going out tops, so you are creating a transitional style of the season and keep a casual style. Another way to stay casual is to mix textures, this gives a feeling of relaxation. The most important thing is that you have fun while creating your casual outfits.

Casual clothing can be worn every day and does not require much effort to create the outfit of the day. The goal is to look relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, we can consider it as an opportunity to play with elegant elements, in this way you have the opportunity to expose your formal side.

Dressing in a casual style should be simple, it is only necessary to use basic and key garments. An example of this is denim pants that go with almost everything, and also t-shirts that look good with skirts or pants. Skirts of different lengths are also a good option for an informal look.

Elegant but casual:

It is important to remember that dressing casual is not synonymous with carelessness, nor with not paying attention to accessories, combinations, adjustments, or proportions. That is, if the pants you are going to wear are baggy, then the blouse should be tighter and, on the contrary, if the pants are very tight, the blouse can be a little more spacious.

At Soldado, we perfectly understand the importance of how to dress casually for going out with friends, because we know that many occasions and events deserve it.

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