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The Reasons You Need To Read ‘Room 1010’ An Uplifting True Story PLUS A Giveaway!

I am in love with Room 1010 as it is a much needed story for this day and age that reminds us that faith is a much needed thing. Room 1010 is a book based on a true story that is uplifting, inspirational and all about faith and hope. Faith is believing when you cannot see and this story is all about faith. There are words that every parent fears hearing from their own child and in this book 10-year-old Elynn has an accident on her bicycle in which her pancreas splits in two and that’s exactly the heart-wenching  question that Ellyn’s mom had to answer. What follows is an incredible story of love, faith and willpower that you have to read for yourself. You will be left as I was….. astounded, hopeful and uplifted.

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About The Book

“Mom, am I going to die?” These are words every parent fears hearing from their child. But when 10-year-old Elynn’s pancreas was split in two during a seemingly innocent pedal bike accident, that’s exactly the heart-wrenching question her mom had to answer. What follows is an incredible story of love, faith, and willpower.

‘Elynn had just turned ten and received a brand-new bike for her birthday when tragedy struck. In a matter of minutes, our lives were turned upside down as she suffered a traumatic injury that left us with many unknowns. At a time when Covid-19 was running rampant, and the entire world seemed to be in chaos, word of Elynn’s accident quickly spread to friends, family, and strangers across the globe who heard her story and began to pray for her.’

‘Through every challenge, Elynn’s faith showed through. Despite her excruciatingly painful injury and recovery, she never complained or asked, “Why me?” She felt God chose her for this accident to help bring people to Him. Her faith, determination, and perseverance grew stronger as she worked with the doctors, nurses, and caregivers throughout her miraculous surgery and recovery.

I enjoyed Room 1010 wholeheartedly. This book has inspired me in my own faith with God and I appreciate books like this that inspire and uplift.  This personal story of one girl’s traumatic experience and miraculous recovery have given me the determination to do anything and never to get knocked down.

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