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Ways That A New Car Can Save You Money

Are you looking to purchase a new car? Has covid changed the way you use public transportation and now you want your own vehicle to drive to work and to run errands and more? Or maybe the crazy high gas prices have you thinking about trading your car in for a car with better gas mileage? Well then you need to do your research online to find the perfect vehicle that will provide you the transportation that you need and that also provides you great gas mileage that you are looking for so that fueling up your car is not eating a chunk of out of your monthly budget. This is something that my husband and I did recently as the price of gas was taking a huge chunk of our monthly budget…. making it hard to save any money at all. We did our research and found ways to estimate our payments for the car we were interested in and also to calculate the cost of gas… depending on the gas mileage that the car provides. I want to share a few tips so that you can do the same… and so that you can find a car that yo love and that will save you lots of money when it comes to filling up your fuel tank.

fuel costs

The benefits of buying a car with good gas mileage are huge. There are less frequent stops for filling your gas tank, less fuel is burned which means less damage to Mother Earth, You get tax credits when purchasing a fuel efficient car and the owner of a high MPG vehicle means that that the car owner c sleep better at night knowing that he or she is saving big when it comes to fuel costs and they know they are lessening their environmental footprint.

Purchasing a car with high MPG sounds like the perfect fit BUT the first thing you need to ensure is that you can afford the vehicle comfortably. This is why you need to calculate payments before hand as you do not want to get a car that is going to squeeze you dry when it comes to your finances. Take it from me as I learned the hard way when I was young as I purchased 2 new cars and things were tight for quite sometime.

buying a new car to save money

Buying a car involves tons of research with all information that is widely available online today. Car makers are making new cars with lots of new features so doing your research is a must, I personally have bought new cars in the past but now… I only buy used as you save so much money in the process. Cars brand new… once driven off of the car lot, loose value immediately. I would say get a car that is 2 or 3 years old and you will save thousands.

Most of the cars that you find used and that are 3 years old, were leases which means they were well taken care of and are almost-like-new. Take it from me… I got that new car feeling out of my system when I was younger and now I only purchase used cars that are only a few years old. I actually get more features in a car that is used because it is so much less than a new car with hardly any features at all. When you are on the hunt for a used car with a high MPG… I would recommend using an online MPG Calculator to ensure the car you are buying has the high MPG numbers you are looking for.

It is important to figure out whether buying a more fuel-efficient car makes sense for you and your needs. You need to think about your driving needs both now and in the future when making this important decision as it is an investment. Here is an example…. maybe you commute to work via public transportation and only use your car lightly… maybe on your days off.. you may just want to keep the car you have as you are not spending tons of money on gas. On the other hand, if you are like me and you use your car daily and commute to work, you may want to think about trading in your current vehicle for one with a high MPG as it will save money in the long run.

If it makes sense for you to trade in or sell your current vehicle and purchase one with a much better gas mileage, a hybrid or maybe even an electric car if it fits your budget…..I highly recommend you do so as it will save you lots of money in the long run. You will save money on fuel costs for sure BUT it is crucial to make sure that you can recover the out-of-pocket expenses that you will incur with your new or used car purchase, by calculating payments for monthly and bi-weekly payments before hand.

Many factors come into play while deciding on a new or used car and I hope this post has been helpful. Whether you are buying a car with a higher MPG to save money on fuel costs or you are looking to get a car so that you can drive your self to and from work, run errands and more versus having to use public transportation over fears over Covid… it is extremely important to do your research via the internet to ensure you can afford the car and that it is going to save you the money you are looking for in terms of fuel costs.


  • Stephanie

    I thought we were going to have to buy a new car as we were having issues with our current one earlier this month, but thankfully I was able to fix it. If ours weren’t so fuel efficient already, it would be worth looking into a more fuel-efficient car for my husband for sure.

  • Beth

    I’ve been a long-time proponent of buying newer cars for all of these reasons. Older cars are less fuel efficient, more prone to problems in some cases, and just generally closer to wearing out than newer cars.

  • Luna S

    Great information! I can 100% see why getting a car with better gas milage would be helpful. Thankfully I get food gas milage on mine, but she is getting old so in a year or so I will look into getting a newer one. I’d love to get one now but car prices in my area are complete crap right now with everyone waaaay over paying for both new and used cars.

    • mcushing7

      Yes Luna…. car prices are crazy right now….but I love that you look for a higher MOG ~ It is so important!

  • Claudia

    I also purchased a used car and it was used for almost 3 years but it was like new to me when I bought it. That calculator is also a helpful tool for everyone.

  • Rosey A

    I like the idea of getting more features for less money. We had a car dealer switch up cars and try to charge us the higher amount for a car that had a bunch of features we didn’t need or ask for (we agreed to the more basic version). It was very sneaky. I had one of my grown sons go back with me, and we were there for hours but I walked out with the best deal ever, and car dealers who hated me. My son is a tiger, lol. That car’s been traded in now, but I never will go back there because of that salesman being so sneaky. I will however, consider buying used when it’s time to get my next one, based on this review here!! We’ll see. I’ve got a bit before it’s time to shop again.

    • mcushing7

      Wow…the salesmen can be shady that is for sure 🙂 I will say we got a 2 year old Nissan Rogue and it was immaculate and only had 25,000 miles on it. It is an amazing car and we saved so much versus buying brand are one. And these days… a new cradles not mean you won’t have problems… my sister bought a break new Nissan Sentra and she has had it in the shop over 6 times the first year…. her axle broke and she sued.

  • rhianwestbury

    I guess it depends on whether it’s a brand new car, or a new car to you. If it’s brand new you can save on MOT’s and chances of something going wrong are much lower, but they are a lot more expensive to begin with x

  • jupiterhadley

    We never purchase cars new, as there doesn’t seem to be much point as the moment they drive off the lot, they are worth so much less…

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