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Types of Gutters and How to Clean Them 

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your gutters. These changes can leave your gutters filled with debris, animal remnants, and even be used as an animal’s shelter! It’s vital to the health of your home that you get your gutters cleaned and adequately. That’s the kicker. To clean your gutters correctly, you need to know what kind of gutters you have. Yes, there are multiple kinds, but gutter guards can make the cleaning process easier! Let’s get into it!  

What Kinds of Gutters Are There? 

Before discussing gutter cleaning, you first need to know what kind of gutters you have. There are three primary kinds of gutters right now, so you likely have one of the following: 

*Box Gutter 

*Half Round 


What are the differences? Glad you asked. 


K-style gutters are the most common on homes today. They blend in with the natural shape of the house. Many homeowners will even get these gutters painted in a colour that matches their home since it blends in flawlessly. They typically come in 5- or 6-inch depths, six being more common for places that receive higher water levels. It is cheap, easy to install, maintain, and durable.  

Half Round 

Half Round gutters are more common in older homes or even historic homes. However, you will still see them quite often. Their name is based on the simple fact that they are half circles. Hence…half round! The top portion is open to receive and disperse water from rain or melted snow. They’re usually made of copper, so they do rust, but otherwise, they’re durable and fairly easy to keep clean.  

Box Gutters 

Box gutters are the most common gutter type for commercial buildings, not so much for homes. This is because they are built into the structure themselves. They cannot be added afterwards, not without reconstruction happening, at least. Their purpose is to keep water from getting into the commercial building. They are oversized and clunky but effective! 

How to Clean Your Gutters 

Most gutters can be cleaned similarly. You may need to customize your methods occasionally, but it’s a pretty straight forward process. First of all, you need to hire a professional before conducting any gutter cleaning. Do not try to clean your gutters yourself unless you are simply picking out a handful of leaves. Even then though, you could miss something that the pros would see.  

You may benefit from installing gutter guards. These are an extra layer of protection to help keep debris out of your gutter, which can save you money in the long run! Gutter guards do not block rain, but they can prevent animals from nesting and debris from landing. They make the cleaning process much easier! 

Once you hire a pro, they’ll flow a relatively simple process: 

1.Identify the kind of gutter you have 

2. Make the climb to the roof where they can get a clear look at your gutters 

3. They’ll remove any build-up and debris (and possibly chase out any critters hanging out) 

4. Then they’ll take their cleaning solutions and get any remaining gunk, mould, or excess waste from the gutters. 

If they notice any damage, or potential damage, they’ll let you know so that you can tend to the problem.  

Final Thoughts 

Getting your gutters cleaned can prevent water damage along the outside and inside of your home. However, it would help if you got them cleaned by a pro. It’s essential also to do this at least 2x per year (primarily after any significant seasons such as winter). Hire a professional to get the job done to ensure nothing is missed and, your gutters come out perfect! 


  • Jordan Binkerd

    Our gutters are covered with a mesh to keep out leaves and debris, but we need to do some repairs this spring….

  • megan allen

    This is some great advice. I think I will leave this job to the man of the house since its the one job I do not like to do. Thanks for the tips!

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