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Treat Your Kitty: 5 Tips for Planning the Purrfect Cat Birthday Party

Give your favorite furry friend the attention they deserve by throwing them a birthday party! Here are some essential tips for planning a cat birthday party.

Did you know that owning a cat can help you to live longer?

According to research, cats can lower your stress levels, heal your sore joints, and even make you sleep better!

Because cats are so special to their owners, why not treat them with a cat birthday party? Although they won’t understand it’s their birthday, they’ll love being showered by treats and affection on their big day.

How can you plan the purrfect pet birthday? Follow this guide and your pet party will be one never to fur-get!

1. The Purr-fect Guest List

When planning a cat party, remember that cats are territorial. Inviting all the neighborhood cats isn’t going to be a good idea. Instead, invite other felines your cat is comfortable with or just stick to human guests who have a connection with your cat.

You could even ask your guests to dress up as feline friends. Taylor Swift style from Cats the Musical, anyone?

And instead of splashing out on printed invitations, try birthday eCards instead. They’re eco-friendly and cheap, so it’s a win-win!

2. Paw-some Decor

You can decorate your pet birthday bash with balloons, streamers, and other common party supplies.

But to give it a feline feel, add cute kitty ears to everything, such as balloons, paper plates, and cups. Draw erasable paw prints here and there. And print off fun street signs that say “No dogs allowed”.

You could even pick a meow-tastic cat party theme. Such as Cheshire Cat, Puss in Boots or the Great Catsby.

3. Games and Mew-sic

Of course, your kitty isn’t going to join in with any organized games. They’ll be happy with a ball of yarn or some catnip toys to play with.

But if you’ve managed to entice human guests to your pet birthday bash, organize some kitty-themed games. For instance, pin the tail on the cat, cat face painting or a cat cupcake designing competition.

As for the “mew-sic” keep it laid back and chilled. Anything loud and upbeat might scare your fur baby.

4. Don’t Fur-get the Gifts

Most cat owners love to spoil their precious puss. A birthday party for a pet is the perfect time to buy some new toys for your furry friend. Here are a few ideas:

*Jingle Balls

*Cat Birthday Cards

*Luxury Cat Litter

*Fabric Toys (preferably with catnip inside)

*Sleeping Cave

*Simple Cardboard Boxes

Whatever gifts you or your guests buy for your cat party, make sure they are cat-friendly and safe.

5. Let Them Eat Catnip

A birthday party for a pet is nothing without a birthday cake. You can buy specially made cakes for cats or DIY your own. Just make sure it’s full of fishy and meaty treats instead of chocolate, as chocolate is toxic for cats.

Put a candle in and sing happy birthday but instead of words, meow to the tune!

Don’t forget treats for your human guests too. As kippers and catnip won’t appeal to them, even if they are a cat owner themselves.

Happy Cat Birthday to You!

Now you have all the things you need for your cat birthday party your big bash will be purrfect!

But remember, a cat’s for life, not just for Christmas or birthdays for that matter. So how can you keep your funky feline happy and healthy for the rest of the year? Take a look at the Pet Savvy section of our blog for some tips and hacks.


  • Cindi Knowles

    Cats are the best and I miss having one! We never gave ours bday parties but they had their own stockings at Christmas and presents under the tree.

  • Sue E

    I was so touched when I read this! Your absolutely right! I do want to show her that I truly appreciate and love her!! She shows me a few times every day. I like the idea of singing the song by meowing! Super clever and of course, Mocha has to have some catnip toys. It wouldn’t be a good party gift without some! Thank you for sharing this beautiful idea!!

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