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Niche Baking Business Ideas to Monetize Your Skills!

Do you enjoy baking, but want to take your hobby to the next level? Why not live the dream and do something you love to make money and start up a baking business? Here are some fun, niche ideas to consider for success.

Alternative wedding cakes 

The wedding market is worth billions. Measured by revenue, the Wedding Services industry is currently worth around $57.9bn in the US so there’s a huge opportunity to carve yourself out a successful business in this sector. There’s no shortage of bakers able to provide beautiful, traditional wedding cakes to clients- but what about those that want something different? Perhaps you could specialise in alternative designs, fill your portfolio with everything from gothic to industrial looking designs and more. Even typically traditional couples will often want something a bit different for their wedding cake, and many couples want to break stereotypes completely and choose an unexpected cake. Other ideas could be pork pie cakes, beautifully decorated cheesecakes, donut cakes, macaron cakes and more. As with any type of business, deciding on your niche is important. So do some market research, figure out what gaps there are in the market currently when it comes to wedding cakes and you could be the one to fill this and profit from it. Utilise the services of a marketing company like Red Spot Design to set up a good website and properly promote it. 

Wedding favors

Sticking with the wedding theme, why not consider making wedding favours? In recent years, people have moved away from fiddly little gifts and more towards edible wedding favours, and that’s because they know they’re things that their guests will actually enjoy. There’s no risk of spending hundreds on favours for them to all be left on the tables at the end of the night when they’re something tasty! Beautifully iced biscuits are a good idea since they look effective, are simple and inexpensive to make but you can put a large markup on the price. Plus, unlike wedding cakes they’re easier to transport and can even be sent in the post meaning you’re not limited to selling to your local area only like many bakers are. Macarons, individual cupcakes, chocolate and candy favours are all other ideas. 

Letterbox treats

On the topic of sending baked goods through the post, a letterbox baking business is a great way to go. While things like letterbox cookies and brownies aren’t anything new, they’re still a niche enough idea that there’s space in the market for you to get involved. Come up with a specific idea for your letterbox bakes; perhaps you could spell out messages like ‘thank you’, ‘good luck’ ‘congratulations’ etc using biscuits and set up as an alternative greetings card company? Or go with something completely different and make letterbox treats for dogs using dog safe ingredients? There are loads of options you could consider. 

DIY baking gifting

Finally, if you’re not at a stage where you’re comfortable monetising your baking skill but still want to do something baking related then how about putting together DIY baking kits? A mason jar filled with pre-measured ingredients for cookies all wrapped up beautifully is one option.You could do DIY s’mores kits, hot chocolate cones and much more, perhaps as part of a hamper with other items could work well. If you set yourself up as a gifting company you’ll do particularly well during commercial holiday periods.

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