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Top Restaurants Offering Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine with its rich flavors and wonderful colors always makes for enjoyable meals. From main course dishes like the chicken reshmi butter masala to snacks like chaats and samosas, there are several great restaurants all across the United States which serve scrumptious Indian meals.

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Top Restaurants Offering Indian Cuisine:

1)August 1 Five– Named after the Indian Independence Day, this restaurant is located in San Francisco, California. From traditional Indian dishes to ones with a modern twist, like their take on chicken and waffles made of dosa, you can find a variety of delectable dishes here. Their signature dishes of Lamb Biriyani and Bison Keema are delicious must-haves. Uber Eats has made the dining-in experience, easy and fun. With great promo codes like the one to avail 50% off at Uber Eats, enjoy meals at home.

          2)Badmaash- “If Gandhi were our age today, he’d totally be a hipster. He’s like ‘peace, love, non-violence, eat healthily, be good’…” says, owner Nakul Mahendro, one of the owners at Badmaash. In Hindi,   Badmaash means naughty or mischievous and it seems this restaurant has kept that spirit alive with a wide range of flavorsome dishes. Explore a wonderful range of tastes at this restaurant located in downtown Los Angeles.

3)Dimple’s BombayTalk– An amazing place for all vegetarians, this restaurant at Iselin, New Jersey is a popular spot. Enjoy a host of amazing Indian street food and South Indian dishes at this hangout. Their famous aloo chaat is very popular among customers. Avail home delivery through Postmates and enjoy a delicious meal from the multitude of delicious dishes available here. Additionally, great offers like free delivery and $10 off on orders (applicable through promo code) are also available.

4)Dhaba– Its name is reminiscent of the many street restaurants found in India. Located in Curry Hill, a hub of South-Asian restaurants, Dhaba is a popular haunt among the locals. Their popular highway lassi (mango lassi with champagne) is a must-try. The kurkuri bhindi (fried okra with various seasonings) and goat Kadai are also some of their signature dishes. Check out their menu and order a delicious meal, with the help of online services like Uber Eats, Postmates, etc.

5)Ganesh Temple Canteen– In Flushing, there is located the Hindu Temple Society of North America, commonly called the Ganesh Temple. In 1993, the temple opened a canteen mostly to make food offerings for the deities in the temple. However, the canteen was so successful that in 1998, the canteen moved to a bigger location at the temple’s community center. Even day, a large number of people continue to make a pilgrimage to this temple not just for worship but also to enjoy authentic South Asian delights that are available at the Temple Canteen. They include- idli, vada pav, upma, and an impressive variety of dosas.

6)Adda- If you want to try authentic Indian dishes while in New York, this restaurant is a must-try. It has a host of tasty vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. This is an affordable and enjoyable option for everyone who wishes to satisfy their cravings. Doordash is another great food delivery service that you can avail of. It is easy to avail of and is quick, and efficient, along with having amazing benefits like their referral code program.

7)Kabab King- Located at Queens, this is one of the most famous South-Asian eateries in the neighborhood. Praised by the likes of The New York Times and The New York Post, this Pakistani-owned restaurant serves great South Asian cuisine, as well as South-Asian, takes on Chinese dishes such as their sesame chicken. Their biryani, available with goat, lamb, and chicken, is delectable. The restaurant also takes orders for home deliveries through services such as Uber Eats.

8)Tiffin Asha– One of the very bests at serving delicious Indian cuisine, this restaurant is located at Portland, Oregon. The dosas-a specialty here- comes filled with traditional ingredients like spiced potatoes but also with twists like blue cheese and fried chicken. All dishes come with one of the restaurant’s many gunpowder chutneys, so-called because of their explosive flavors, that are made in-house from a variety of dry spices.

Enjoy a variety of flavors and explore a host of Indian dishes, inspired from various corners of the subcontinent. Get your cravings delivered at your doorstep with many great apps that facilitate easy, efficient service. With added benefits such as discounts and offers, it is ensured we get our heart’s content within our budget.

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