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Top Home Design Upgrades You Need to Make Before You Move In

The best time to make upgrades and updates to your home is before you move in. There is not any furniture or belongings to get in the way of work, meaning it’s fast and easy to get the changes you want to be done with minimal hassle. 

Of course, what you can do will depend on how much time you have to move out of your current place and when you can start moving into your new home. If you have a week or more, then there are so many ways that you can update your new home before you bring the movers over. 

1. Replace The Window Trimmings 

If your home is new, then the chances are you have those paper blinds that builders put on. These are cheap, they don’tlast, and they make it seem like you don’t yet live there. The best thing that you can do right off the bat is to remove them. If you intend to use curtains, you can easily install curtain rods and be ready to go. However, if you want a more custom approach, you’ll want to get a custom solution fitted to your windows. Venetian blinds from Westminster Blinds, for example, are stunning ways to control the light and privacy levels in your home and are fitted precisely to your windows for a polished look.

2. Upgrade the Fixtures 

Door handles, doors, doorbells, and other fixtures that are found throughout the home do play a huge part in the look and design of your home. They are also fairly easy to replace on your own, allowing you to shop around and find some beautiful new pieces for your property that will add character and design to the details of your home. 

The only time you’ll need a professional is when it comes to doors that need to lock. A locksmith should come in to install these locks to ensure that the option you chose is secure, especially if you have also found a new front and back door for your home.

 3. Replace the Taps 

Taps are actually very easy to change out. You will need to double-check that you have turned the water off before you make any changes, of course, but once you do that, it is fairly simple to upgrade the taps in your kitchen and bathrooms. You can even change and update your shower if the bones are in the right place. For example, upgrading the hose and the showerhead is often just a matter of screwing the replacement in.

 4. Change Out the Lights 

It is actually easy to change out the lights yourself, allowing you to invest in beautiful lighting fixtures that truly work to change the feel of a property. Just remember to turn off the electricity at the source, not just at the light switch, and if the job seems more difficult, be prepared to bring in an electrician to do the work for you. 

5. Update the Floors 

If you don’t like the floors, then the best time to replace them is before you move in. You don’t need to move things or try to work around your furniture and can instead have the flooring professionals come in and finish in a day or two. 

There are instances where you won’t want to replace but fix. Hardwood floors can be sanded down and stained to a color that suits you better. Similarly, carpets can be deep cleaned to bring them back to life.

 6. Repaint 

If your home is brand new, then follow the builder’s guidelines before you paint. New homes need time to settle, and as they settle, there is the risk for hairline cracks to form on the walls. These cracks can easily be fixed later on, but if you paint first, you’ll need to fix them, then repaint. If the home is older, then you can and should repaint your property before you move in, or at least repaint a few rooms to store your belongings in while you repaint the rest of your home. 

There are several ways to easily update your kitchen without the big renovation when you use the power of paint. For example, you could completely change the look and feel by repainting the cupboards and changing out the fixtures, and of course by having new countertops fitted.

 7. Add Custom Storage 

We could always do with more storage. The ability to safely store away items and keep them out of sight when we want them to will immediately improve your home’s function and design. Custom storage can add shelves into a nook to add an entire wall, complete with a window seat, into a room. Even just adding custom shelves to your closet can help you properly store your belongings without things just being piled up on the floor. 

Tip: Don’t forget outdoor spaces. Your garage and any outdoor sheds should also have easy-to-use and access storage features. 

8. Deep Clean 

If the property is older, then there are likely many different areas that are not deep cleaned. Carpets, nooks and crannies, behind appliances, and the like. These areas rarely get cleaned, so the best time to do so is before you move in when it is easier to access these areas without any hassle. You can hire a cleaning service like maid service Austin TX that will deep clean your home so that it smells and feels fresh and inviting, like the perfect welcoming experience as you move in. You can also have them visit regularly to help you keep that deep down clean all of the time.

That, and deep cleaning will help you better understand the state of your property. You should never buy a home without having it thoroughly inspected by a professional, but these inspections don’t often focus on cosmetic issues. You may need to replace the grout or the seals around taps if they are starting to get moldy, for example. You may need to deal with some old water damage. 

Deep cleaning and fixing these issues will give you the new home experience and the old home charm.

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