Top 7 Unusual Behaviors Shown By Your Dog And What They Actually Mean?

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Understanding your dog and knowing how to control him, develop his potentials, and resolve behavior problems, emotional conflicts and frustrations are no less essential than love and respect.   ~Michael W. Fox

If you are reading this article, then you might be wondering about the different actions exhibited by your dog. No doubt understanding the behavior of your furry friend can be both daunting and unexpected, but not impossible to acknowledge.

Dogs cannot speak, but they express their feelings through their actions and behavior. To know the nature of your pet, you need to pay special attention to your furry friend. Surely, you might have seen your dog wagging its tail, eating grass, licking things and many more. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you will get all the answers related to the unusual behavior of your dog.

Now, let’s get a deep insight into the changing behavior of your dog.

Why do dogs howl at annoying times?

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There can be various reasons behind your dog howling. Usually, the dog starts to howl when they hear blaring sounds such as train whistle, siren, etc. The reason behind howling back after listening to high-pitched sound is still unknown, but it might be when he feels annoyed or discomfort. Sometimes, your pet might do it when he wants to announce its presence to other people or canines.

So, if you want your furry friend to get rid of the howling issue, then you can try to reduce its anxiety or by performing various activities like training your pet, rewarding it for being quite, and many more.

Why dogs can’t stop walking in circles?

Does your dog walk in a circle continuously? It’s not only an indifferent behavior but also something to worry about. If you have noticed your dog doing such activity regularly, then there are chances that he might be suffering from some health issues such as brain tumor, idiopathic vestibular syndrome, etc. In such a case, don’t waste the time and take your pet to the vet.

But sometimes, they find it really fun. Your canine buddy might be feeling excited and wants you to join in the play. Try to do some physical activity with your pet and make them feel entertained.

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Why do dogs sit between their legs or on the feet of people?


Most of the people think that their furry friend is sitting on their feet or between their legs due to their possessive behavior. You might be one of them. But, it is actually a sign of nervousness or anxiety.

Your dog might feel safe and protected while sitting near you. So, don’t push them away as they crave your love and affection. Moreover, you can also consult dog trainer, or veterinary behavior specialist to see some changes in the behavior of your pet.

Why dogs eat grass?

Are you worried about the grass eating habit of your dog? Don’t bother. It is the most unusual behavior noticed in the four-legged friend. There are various reasons behind the dog grazing. One such reason can be due to an upset stomach. They might feel like vomiting.

Moreover, it can also be due to intestinal worms, improper digestion, unmet nutritional need, etc. If you notice such behavior in your dog, just be sure to get them a diet full of nutrition and fiber. Also, don’t forget to take him to the vet to make him feel better and avoid consuming grass.

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Why do dogs wag their tails?

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Most of the time, dogs showcase their happiness and friendly nature by wagging their tail. They might feel excited when there is a new visitor to your place or when they are in the mood to have fun. But some dogs wag their tails when they feel euphoric.

If you really want to understand the changing behavior of your dog by looking at its wagging tail then look at its position and speed. If he wags his tail slowly, then he might be confused, unwell or sad. But, if your canine friend wags his tail while holding it high, then he might be curious, confident or excited.

Don’t wonder about the wagging tail behavior of your pet. It is basically a method to communicate and express their feelings. Give them the attention and love that they actually deserve.

Why do dogs feel lethargic?

Most of the people have the perception that dogs feel lethargic and sit aside when they feel tired. No doubt it’s true, but to some extent. Prolonged lethargic behavior can also be a sign of illness. Your dog might stop eating or drinking.

Don’t ignore your pet if he continues showing such behavior. Monitor him for a maximum of 24 hours. If he returns to normal, then good enough, but if not, then take him to the vet and get proper medication.

Why do dogs tilt their heads?

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Dogs are the most adorable pet on this earth and the cutest thing that they do is head tilt. You might be curious to know the reason behind this behavior of dogs. Scroll down and continue reading

Some of the dogs tilt their heads when they try to hear better. They basically adjust their outer ear to better focus on the noise. If you notice such behavior in your pet, then he might be curious about the voice he hears.

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Wrapping it Up

If you want to know what your pet is trying to say, then it is crucial to understand the behavior of your pet. Hopefully, the above list will help you know why your furry friend is behaving unusually. Indeed, some of the behavior changes are natural, but some of them need to be concerned.

Once, you know the reason behind the unusual behavior of your dog, then you can easily understand their emotions, feelings and even pain. Moreover, if you experience any such behavior in your dog, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the vet.

Furthermore, if you still have any queries regarding the changing behavior of your pet or want to share some experience, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.