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Top 6 Reasons To Hire An Experienced Garage Door Opener Installer 


The garage door opener can close and open the door without exiting your vehicle. Push a button on a remote control that you can keep in your car, and the magic happens. 

Automatic garage door repair Atlanta not only allows you to manage your garage door at the touch of a button but also improves the protection and security of your property. Additionally, Garage Door Repair Atlanta, such as those given by One Clear Choice, may be found to address any issue. 


1. Affordability 

Convenience is one of the critical advantages of an automated garage door opener. You don’t have to get out of your automobile to open or close your garage because you can stay in it till you’re in (or out of) it. You won’t have to leave your kids or dog in the car or step outside in the rain to open or close your garage door. 

2. Safety and security 

Because garage security is so important, you’ll want to make sure that your garage door repair Atlanta contributes to the safety of your family, house, and belongings. Look for garage door openers with rolling codes, which change every time the remote button is pressed and allow only you to access your garage. Vacation Mode, which disables the remote controls, is another feature you might like. Even with a small control code scanner, opportunistic robbers or thieves will be incapable of getting entering your garage or home. 

3. Low energy consumption 

Although automatic garage door openers can be complex and sophisticated, they do not require much energy to operate. As a result, they are highly cost-effective to use and are less harmful to the environment. A Garage Door Repair Dunwoodywill be beneficial if you or a family member has a medical problem or lacks the strength to open or close a large, heavy garage door. 

4. Auto-opening and -closing 

How many times have you driven away from home and left the garage door open? It happens more often than we’d like to acknowledge, whether due to laziness or forgetfulness. A passing thief would be quick to seize the opportunity. Using garage door repair Dunwoody, this problem can be solved. When your automobile pulls into or out of the driveway, several systems allow automatic closing and opening.  

Install a presence sensor in your car, a multi-sensor in your garage to detect movement, and a Z-Wave outlet in your garage to act as a relay control. When you set up this system, the door will automatically close when you leave your garage in your car and then automatically open when you return. 

5. Illumination 

Your garage is overflowing with heavy items and greasy puddles. As a result, the garage is an area where you must exercise extreme caution when navigating. One way to ensure that you take care is to make sure the area is brightly illuminated so you can notice all of the unpleasant obstacles you must avoid.  

The majority of garage door opener systems include an additional light for your garage. While this may not be a major selling factor for your garage door opener, it is unquestionably beneficial. And in a room with so many items to trip over and bang against, a little extra light is always pleasant, especially when it’s a bonus. 

6. Technology 

Advanced Garage Door Repair Dunwoodyis available with various functions and capabilities to provide you with additional convenience. Another benefit of a garage door opener is the ability to control it via smartphone apps. 

Conclusion: If you use your garage frequently, an automated garage door may be the most outstanding garage renovation you can make. It will make day-to-day activities more manageable for you and your family, as well as reduce frustration. 

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