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Top 3 Family-Friendly RVs for Your Next Big Excursion

Top 3 Family-Friendly RVs for Your Next Big Excursion

The right RV can make all the difference during a family road trip. You’ll want to make sure you go with one that is the right size for your family unit. Also, it should have all of the features you’ll actually use, without any unnecessary extras. If you’re wanting to try and find the correct RV for your family, you might want to try the website of Country Roads RV Center or other RV sales companies that can enable you to search through many different RV’s by filtering through different categories such as price, weight, size, condition, and more, so you know just exactly what you’ll be spending your money on!

We’ve already walked you through each of the RVs in the Outdoorsy Guide to RV Manufacturers, now it’s time to show you an RV from each class that stands out from the rest and deserves your attention.

Drumroll, please. And now, here they are:

Best Class A: Fleetwood Storm

For larger families or to just have enough space to spare, you’ll want to go with a Class A RV. These offer that home-away-from-home experience, but also take up the most room on the road and will require special RV parking spots.

With enough room to sleep 10, multiple flat screen TVs, and even a full-size refrigerator with freezer, a Fleetwood Storm makes even the longest road trip feel short. Stretch out on a king size bed and you’ll feel like the king of the road the next day. Then imagine relaxing after a long day on the road by a camp site with your RV water pumps hooked up, while you and your family enjoy nature and create long lasting memories together.

Best Class B: Airstream Interstate

For those with a smaller-size family, you can’t beat a Class B RV in terms of form and function. As easy to drive as a large van, this class of RV provides plenty of great features packed in a smaller vehicle.

The Airstream Interstate is often voted best in its class, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t just look great on the outside, but on the inside as well. It’s one of those RVs that you don’t feel a strong need to get out of, you feel comfy and cozy inside for long hours.

And don’t let it’s smaller size fool you. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Tiny House Nation you’ll appreciate all of the cool features they’ve managed to squeeze into this RV. From a bath with a shower to a super comfy bed, there’s even solar panels built in!

Best Class C: Four Winds

One step down in size from a Class A, a Class C will provide plenty of room but is easier to drive and park. It’s still big enough to hold everyone comfortably, and if your kids get a bit stir-crazy on road trips in cars, you’ll notice they’ll chill out more when they have room to move about.

Four Winds has a long, well-established reputation for building amazing Class C RVs. You know you’ll be getting the best experience for the money, with a reliable vehicle that offers plenty of surprise features you’ll still be discovering several days into your trip.

Bonus – Best Fifth Wheel: Keystone Montana

If a fifth wheel is more your thing you’ll want to check out the Keystone Montana, rated one of the best fifth wheel RVs you can buy or rent. Be sure you have a truck or other vehicle to tow it properly, and you’ll be getting the best of both worlds: a large-sized RV that’s as easy to drive as your everyday truck.


  • marthalynn

    Wow! These are all so beautiful and would make travel a breeze. I really love the Airstream. My grandparents had a silver bullet one back in the day and I sure wish I had it now!

  • gloria patterson

    I like the Best Class B: Airstream Interstate I think this is something my sister and I could both drive. Never thought about doing this but going to check on it

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