Savvy Money Saving Tips

Tips For Saving Money While Shopping Online

Online retailers are getting more creative in a bid to attract more customers. If you love shopping online and are always on the lookout for discounts, below are some tips by assignmentgeek.com that will assist you in getting the best deals.

Beat the dynamic pricing strategy when shopping online

Dynamic pricing is the crafty strategy online retailer used by changing the price to a product every time you visit their site. It is a sophisticated technique that helps merchants generate a lot of income from online purchases. To outwit the strategy, always clear your browser history and cookies, use incognito mode, choose a local website, and log out of your social accounts.

Choose the right day to shop

There are specific days that have discounts courtesy of low sale. A day like Sunday is likely to be the best day as towards Fridays tend to have great deals.

Use a percent change calculator

A percent change calculator is a really handy tool for savvy shoppers. It enables you to work out how big a discount any given item is on sale for so that you can track just how much the price has changed over time. All you have to do is input the two figures that represent the percentage increase/decrease and you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed shopping decision.

Strategically use you coupon codes

It is a lucky day for you if you are using a website that allows you to use many coupons to order items. Bookmark websites that are capable of combining promo codes and different coupons for future use as this will help you to save lots of money when shopping online.

Ask for refunds

Some companies such as Amazon can give you a refund if you bought an item, and the next minute it went on sale. However, you will get a refund if you call them within a specific period.

Use the smart reward program to your advantage

Participating in some activities on particular apps will trigger a reward system. Such actions include online surveys or visiting a specified page. You might win yourself special discounts or gift cards. Other platforms offer points which you can later convert to money or use them to shop or an item.

Bargain with service agents

For instance, if your coupon expired, you can call customer service and try to negotiate for an extension. Most sales representatives focus on making sales and will most likely allow you to use the coupon or give you a new one. However, it’s not a guarantee that bargaining will always work. It will fail at times. Remember to be polite when engaging with customer service agents.

Keep your emails organized

Signing up to coupon sites and newsletters could clutter your mailbox. Too much clutter leads to a lot of mails taken as a spam, which you might miss some essential discounts. Use apps such as Unroll.me to organize your emails and unsubscribe you from junk mails. It also helps you regulate the frequency of emails by order of priority.

Compare prices

Save yourself from overpricing by comparing prices of the same products. Tools such as PriceBlink is an add-on that will help you compare similar products from different retailers and allow you to choose. The add-on is compatible with most browsers, including Safari, Mozilla, and Chrome. Other apps, such as PriceGrabber besides comparison, will also give you the shipping cost, taxes, and any extra expenses.

Don’t checkout quickly

Leaving your products in the cart will help you avoid impulse buying. Also, retailers are not big fans unclosed deals, so they will entice you with discounts to close the sales. 

Use multiple emails to accumulate coupons

Retailers often send single coupons to a select group of customers. So with many email addresses, you stand a chance of bagging coupons.


The online shop is getting bigger and bigger every day. You can find anything that you are looking to buy. It’s always nice when you find what you are looking for and have it delivered at your doorstep. It gets even better when you get items you desire at an affordable price or no cost at all while shopping online. Follow the above guidelines and shop smart.

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