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Things To Do After Dinner That Are WorthWhile

When the nights are drawing in, and the cost of going out can be extortionate, homemade entertainment is the order of the evening and can be more realistic than expected. Time at home can be fun and cost-effective without the worry of cost getting out of hand. 

Being a savvy host doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the fun. It’s time to embrace savviness and check out our suggestions for post-dinner activities to do with your friends. 

Make pumpkin pie or apple crisp for dessert  

Most people say dessert is the best course of any meal, so why not turn it into a competition with a mini bake-off? Guests have to choose to make either pumpkin pie or apple crisp pie, and you take turns scoring the desserts out of ten.  

The great thing about this dish idea is spreading the cost around the guests, saving you time and money. The winner of the best dessert gets to choose the evening’s entertainment. 

Re-enact your favorite TV shows 

What’s better than a night of dinner and drinks with your friends? After the delicious meal, try re-enacting a TV show! It doesn’t matter what genre. What matters is that you get to spend time with your friends while having fun!  

Here are some suggestions for shows: Friends, Seinfeld, The Office. 

How about Friends episode 14, season 2, the prom video? Who doesn’t love dressing up, and more importantly, can you still get in your prom outfit? Or Seinfeld, season 9, “The Invitations.” which is such a funny episode. The Office wins hands down, though, as every character has a doppelganger in your workplace – Jerry in accounts, you know we’re talking about you. Just make sure you film and post the videos on Reels or YouTube for extra credits. 

Watch a movie together 

With holiday time fast approaching, now is an excellent time to begin viewing all of the best holiday films. Home Alone 1 & 2, Elf, Bad Santa (without the kids), or if it’s around Halloween, why not scare yourself silly with some golden oldies like Amityville Horror or Nightmare on Elm Street? 

If you want to get in the mood, you can always dress up as Chucky or a Gremlin. 

Host an open-mic night 

It can be fun to watch amateur comedians, poets, or musicians try their hands at comedy, poetry, or music.  

Whether it’s the comfort of your couch in your living room or out with friends on a Tuesday night, there are tons of opportunities for you to enjoy live performances. And if you’re interested in performing yourself but don’t know where to start, an open mic is just what you need!  

Open mics may have different set times and rules depending on where you’re located and how popular they are. Some will allow performers one song per person, while others might only allow one minute per performer. But no matter what the case is at the venue itself, all open mics give amateurs a chance to thrill the audience – especially if it’s in your sitting room. 

Have a dance-off  

Put on your favorite dance music and bop around the house with your friends. Not only is it a great way to lift your spirits, but it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit, especially after all that pumpkin pie. 

Choose a playlist, move the furniture and throw down some moves to get that blood pumping. If you are stuck for some routines, check out the YouTube videos of the funky chicken or the bus stop. How about the conga or the Macarena?  

Talk for 3 minutes  

Many people find it challenging to speak in public, but the fear of speaking in public is often worse than actually doing it. If you want to become a better conversationalist, practice your skills by talking for 3 minutes with someone who knows nothing about what you are saying. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so be prepared with an amusing topic and try not to get too nervous.  

Once you’re done with the practice session, take some time to think about how well you did and what could have gone better or smoother during your talk. You’ll be surprised at how much this will help. 

Learn something and pass the knowledge on 

Learning something exciting and passing it on to someone else is always exhilarating, but finding the time to do it can be challenging. Learning anything new in tiny increments is still progress, and there are numerous resources available to help you do it. For example, podcasts like The History Chicks or Stuff You Should Know will provide you with loads of great information on topics ranging from history to science. 

And if that’s not your thing, take a look at TED Talks for some inspiration in different areas such as technology or art. These talks are short enough not to require too much attention but also provide interesting ideas and topics for discussion with friends. 

Help clear up  

It’s been a great evening, but the best thing you can do now helps clear up after dinner. Clearing up doesn’t just mean clearing plates and throwing rubbish away – mindfully clearing up means not wasting food. 

The average person throws away over 1,500 pounds of food every year, which means there are plenty of leftovers to go around! Here are some fun ways to use your extra dishes:  

*Make breakfast for tomorrow morning by filling ravioli with leftover meatballs and sauce.

*Serve up an omelet made from egg whites and chives mixed with diced bacon, ham, onions, and peppers. 

*Create a pizza using garlic bread as a crust topped with marinara sauce, bell peppers, black olives, and pepperoni slices. Add on some thinly sliced cheese before baking it for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

*Or take the leftover apple crisp pie to your neighbors as a thank you for putting up with the noise.  

Waste not, want not we say! 

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