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The Possibilities Are Endless With Bacon Jam From TBJ Gourmet

Summer is here and that means lots of delicious meals cooked outdoors on the grill. On of my absolute favorite things to make on the grill are always a batch of delicious homemade burgers topped just the way you like them and my new favorite condiment for my burgers is Bacon Jam from TBJ Gourmet! I received a few jars to try and I have to tell everyone that I know about this delicious spread as it is truly spreadable bacon in a jar. I created a Western Burger using this Bacon Jam and the delicious spread accompanied with onion rings, cheese and barbecue sauce was amazing!

TBJ Gourmet started when Bruce Kramer came up with a lovely idea for his football tailgate menu: Bacon Jam & Goat Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers. This delicious recipe and the idea of Bacon Jam was such a hit with his friends that they told him he should sell it which is why he met up with Chef Michael Oraschewsky who fell in love with it. Chef Oraschewsky created some new varieties and they started selling online including QVC which introduced spreadable bacon to all of America and I am forever grateful that they did as this stuff is killer on a burger and I can imagine eon pretty much anything else as it is just sweet and savory deliciousness in a spreadable form.

I received a 9 ounce jar of their Classic Bacon Jam which is everything and which is the one I used on my burger last night. I also received a 9 ounce jar of their Honey Habanero Bacon Jam which I cannot wait to try next and their delicious Spiced Tomato Jam. Let’s take a look at each…..

TBJ Gourmet Classic Bacon Jam

This is TBJ Gourmet’s Classic Bacon Jam and it’s their original, authentic and time-honored recipe of sweet and salty bacon goodness. This bacon spread is unlike any other as there are absolutely no preservatives…just the good stuff like bacon, brown sugar and onions stirred to perfection. With this spread you can update any recipe and it is perfection on a burger, added to a sandwich or spreading it on delicious crackers. I even saw a recipe where someone added this to a s’mores recipe and I for sure want to give it a try as the sweet and savory aspects are everything. Tis delicious Classic Bacon Jam is a must have now for my pantry as this is so perfect as a condiment on my burgers and I will have to always have it going forward. It also make a fabulous gift option for those foodies on your gift giving list.

TBJ Gourmet Honey Habanero Bacon Jam

I know that I am going to love love love the Honey Habanero Bacon Jam and I will be adding this to my burger next as it sounds so delicious! This is the bacon jam with some heat. It has a delicate honey front, a tangy bacon bite throughout, and hot Habanero finish. This can be used as a glaze for chicken wings which is perfect for game day or any day!

TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jams are unlike other bacon jams because they contain absolutely no preservatives.  This bacon spread features bacon, brown sugar and onion simmered to perfection and its perfect as well for burgers, smearing on a yummy sandwich or enjoying with some crackers. 

TBJ Gourmet Spiced Tomato Jam

TBJ Gourmet’s Spiced Tomato Jam is a step up to traditional ketchup. This Spicy Tomato Jam packs the real, natural flavors of tomato in this home-grown recipe. TBJ Gourmet’s Spiced Tomato Jam uses the finest, handpicked, vine-ripened tomatoes, along with other natural & real food ingredients. There’s no corn syrup, preservatives, additives or stabilizers and it is 100% vegan and gluten free tomato jam. 

This Spicy Tomato Jam with its complex, gourmet flavor profile that perfectly blends the sweet, the spicy and the savory, not an ideal tomato ketchup alternative that is a must have in your kitchen. This goes so well with anything and everything…. think a quick BLT sandwich, a fresh and delicious burger, to bagels and your favorite cheese. This is also perfection to be used as a glaze for gilled meats and can also be used a a dip for crackers.

So what do you think of this delicious line of Gourmet Bacon Jams and Spicy Tomato Jams from TBJ Gourmet? The possibilities are endless when it comes to any of these delicious spreads from TBJ Gourmet and the bacon jam is everything as it is literally spreadable bacon in a jar for you to enjoy! Check them out today and online and you can also pick these up on Amazon so check it out and grab some for your self and I promise…. you’re going to love this as much as me and my family do. Check them out online and on social media today!


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