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The Most Common Baby Bedtime Mistakes

If you’ve welcomed your first child into the world, the chances are you’ll have read many articles or received much solicited and unsolicited advice on how to help your baby fall asleep. 

Yet, few people or blogs tell you what not to do when it comes to helping your baby fall asleep with ease. Also, every child is different, and what works for a loved one’s newborn might not work for your son or daughter. 

If you want to avoid various gaffes that interfere with your child’s sleep routine, continue reading to learn about the most common baby bedtime mistakes. 


Overstimulation can prevent your baby from falling asleep at naptime or bedtime. If the TV is constantly on in your home, you often have loud conversations with loved ones, or you spend much of your time outdoors in busy settings, your child might become sensitive to the stimulus. 

A little noise isn’t an issue for a baby, but a busy, loud environment could affect their sleep due to a sensory overload. If your little one struggles to drift off, you might need to place them in a quieter, slower-paced setting to encourage shut-eye. 

Picking Up Your Baby Following Every Sound 

It is natural to want to run into your baby’s room when hearing an unexpected cry or sound. Yet, you must avoid the temptation to do so, as it is often okay to allow a baby to cry at night. Review the baby monitor to check they’re okay but avoid entering the room for at least a few minutes. 

It will prevent you from waking your baby when they could have drifted off to sleep, and it can result in them crying for attention during naptimes and bedtimes. Most babies will stir or move in their sleep, but it doesn’t mean they need rocking or cuddling. Resisting the temptation to hold them could result in your child sleeping for longer and waking up in a pleasant mood. 

Not Using a Sleeping Bag 

A baby sleeping bag / sleep sack is a must-have for a great night’s sleep. Unlike blankets that can become loose during sleep, a sleeping bag will ensure your child is warm and cozy throughout the night.  

It will prevent the need to rush into their nursery to cover them up, which could disturb their sleep. Plus, it is a safer alternative to blankets, as an age-appropriate sleeping bag will not go over their head, and it can prevent them from becoming caught between the crib bars. 

A Poor or Non-Existent Bedtime Routine 

A consistent bedtime routine will help your child fall asleep every night of the week. A predictable pattern will indicate it is time to go to sleep, which will encourage them to snooze once in their crib. 

If every bedtime has a different pattern, it might result in a fussy, irritable, or crying baby. Follow a strict routine each evening, such as: 

*Giving your baby a bath 

*Providing a bottle of milk 

*Brushing their teeth (if they have any) 

*Reading a book 

Follow the above steps every night to establish a smooth, stress-free bedtime routine for your baby. 

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