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The Many Reasons I Am Loving Mallary Hope’s Debut Album “Out Of My Hands” #oktobeme

The Many Reasons I Am Loving Mallary Hope’s Debut Album “Out Of My Hands” 

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It is a fact that my family and I love music of all genres…..especially due to my husband’s serious love (or obsession?) of music. He can always be found on his days off working on the yard or the house all while enjoying music playing loudly in the background. It is always a fun time and I love listening along myself which is why I was so excited to have the chance to check out Mallary Hope’s Debut Album titled “Out Of My Hands”. I love uplifting music that nourishes the soul and this album is packed with some amazing tunes that do just that. “Out Of My Hands” by Mallary Hope is out on April 26th so be on the lookout or if you like what you see here then go ahead and pre-order as this is one you will not want to miss! 

My favorite song for sure off of Mallary Hope’s debut album is “Me”.  This is a song that speaks about the importance of loving yourself just as you are and the message is one that everyone can use as this is something that everyone can have issues with at some time or another throughout their lifetime.  Take a look at the video to see why this song is just perfection…..

” ‘Me‘ is a special reminder, even for myself, that I don’t have to change who I am or conform to the world to fit in. I am loved and am enough just the way I am. It’s easy to forget the beauty God created us for. I want this song to remind people of that beauty and to feel encouraged that ‘it’s okay to be me.’ “Mallary Hope

Mallary Hope’s beautifully written song “Me” is a true masterpiece and one that I will be listening to again and again. Not only is the message amazing but the music is beautiful so it is a win win. I am loving so many other songs off of this album and there are two standouts for sure. Mallary Hope’s songs “Looking Back At Me” & “You Will Make A Way” are two that I find myself enjoying due to the fabulous sounds and energy that they produce but there are so many that I love and quite honestly the entire album is amazing. That is rare… for myself to like every song on an album, but I like every song on Mallary Hope’s debut album “Out Of My Hands”.

Take a look at the beautiful lyrics of “You Will Make A Way” & “Looking Back At Me”. The lyrics and the message behind each and every song on this album are the reasons I am loving her music. 

“You Will Make A Way”

“You Will Make A Way” is a super fun song that is super upbeat and perfect for when I am doing chores around the house or while driving. I just love it! Check out a few of the lyrics below…

“I see a dead end

I see a door closing

Just when I think it’s over

I see a window open

Right when I need you

You always find me

And in that moment

Your love reminds me

Your love reminds me”

“Looking Back At Me”

“Looking Back At Me” is a song that I love as it uplifts and reminds us to love ourselves and to be fine with all of the unique qualities that make each and every one of us special…. just the way God made us. What can be better than that… this is one I love listening to in the car… kind of like an anthem song. Check out the chorus below…..

“Go and chase your dreams

Don’t you dare believe

All the doubters that tell you that it can’t be done

‘Cause you’ve got a light that will outshine the sun

You’ll fall down sometimes

But you were born to fly

Someday you’ll see what I see

Looking back at me

You’ll get your heart broken but it’s gonna beat again

Walk through a storm, but you’ll come out stronger than

You were before the rain

There’s purpose in the pain

I promise you”

So what do you think about what you have seen so far from Mallary Hope?  I love listening to music that uplifts and inspires and that is exactly what this album does. Listen & Pre-Order Mallory Hope’s “Out Of My Hands” album today and be on the lookout for the official release on April 26th!

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