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The Best Moissanite Rings for 2022

Many people choose moissanite instead of diamond as an engagement ring, and it is indeed a good choice both in terms of budget and ethics. 

When buying engagement ring, a local jewelry store is certainly a good choice, but it usually comes with higher prices. Or we can choose to buy from Etsy or online jewelry brands.

Not sure where to start when buying a moissanite engagement ring online? Don’t stress. Here, I find several great online jewelry store. First, we share how to source a real ring from a reliable seller—an important step given the significance of an engagement ring purchase. Then, to ease your shopping experience, I will briefly describe the designs in each store that I think are great. And if you stumble across the perfect engagement ring, you can buy it without hesitation.

How to source a real ring from a reliable seller?

1) First, read reviews for the store and its products. This is a good way to verify that the seller offers legitimate jewels. If you haven’t seen reviews on their website, you could google them to see if them have a Etsy or other store, there are usually quite a lot of reviews in the store.

2) After reading reviews, check the shop’s return and exchange policies. It’s important to understand what your options are in case the engagement ring isn’t what you wanted. Several of the stores I mention below have flexible return and exchange policies.

3) Some stores might also offer videos of the ring or a CAD (a computer generated design of the ring’s makeup) so you can see what you’re buying in 3-D. Any form of validation can help you confirm that you’re purchasing a legitimate engagement ring or wedding band. You can talk to them and let them provide it to you.

Now I am going to start recommending stores and styles!

MollyJewelryUSEach jewelry piece from this site is handmade. They have a store of the same name on Etsy with over 10k positive reviews, helping many couples to fulfill the meaning of their commitment, which I think is trustworthy. 

*The marquise-cut moissanite engagement ring set looks elegant and makes the finger look slim.

*The oval-cut moissanite center stone is nestled in between two clusters of marquise-cut diamonds, which create a floral vibe.

*The hexagonal cut is unique, I couldn’t take my eyes off it at first glance, if you are a novelty person, then I highly recommend you to buy.


Juyoyo JewelryThe minimalist page style of this website attracted me, there is not much fancy stuff to make me feel it is not real. You can engrave any text you want on the band, and I think their best feature is the band design!

*The twisted band gives the ring a light look, this little design makes the whole ring look very special.

*This openwork design ring set I really hard to describe my feelings about it in words, can only say very gorgeous. The open band with tiny stones set in it, such small details always make people very impressed.

*I think everyone who sees this style will be curious and click on it to see, the ring is separated into two branches in the shape of upper and lower branches surrounding the main stone. It’s really something else! 


Coolring JewelryJust like its name, this site looks really cool and advanced! They offer a custom service where they can provide a 3D model of the ring design for you to preview the entire ring before it is made, so that you can make adjustments to achieve the perfect look.

*There are some people who are big fans of the claws, and some who are not. For those who aren’t, I recommend this bezel engagement ring. The neat and smooth metal bezel is set with the main stone, and the small pavé stones on the band make the whole ring look very stunning.

*The main stone of the round cut has a halo around the outside, followed by the addition of a graduated halo, with the top and bottom of the outermost layer changing the round cut into a baguette cut. It looks like a very complex design, and I recommend it to people who like ornate and vintage style.

*The emerald cut main stone is next to four side stones on each side on the band with a wedding band of the same design. Looks very stylish.


Amanda Fine JewelryUnlike the above stores, entering this site I feel like entering a fairy tale world, their products are very cute in design!

*The emerald cut main stone is surrounded by marquise cut and round cut stones, the ring looks like a magic mirror!

*The first thing I thought of when I saw this ring was the flower fairy. The marquise cut side stones on both sides of the main stone don’t look like a pair of small wings? It is absolutely adorable.

*This one neatly arranged stone reminds me of Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” ballet, this ring is spiritual.


That concludes my recommendations for these four online jewelry sites, and I wish each of you the best of luck in finding your dream rings!

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