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The Best Healthy Ice Cream

When you eat your favorite ice cream scoop, you are likely to feel guilty because deep down, you know you just made another wrong choice regarding healthy eating. But is that always the case? Is ice cream the epitome of unhealthy eating? What makes the traditional ice cream get criticized is the high sugar, fat, and calorie content. But today, the market is rife with wellness products. Ice cream hasn’t been left out of this wellness craze, and this is how you ended up with low fat and low sugar creams in your favorite pints.

What Can Make Ice Cream Healthy?

You have probably been told to cut your ice cream consumption because it is responsible for those extra pounds you really want to lose. But now it appears you don’t have to feel guilty with every scoop you take because healthier options that still maintain a pleasant taste do exist.

Healthier ice cream contains low calories. Although the talk of low-calorie ice cream has been around for some time, the current brands have taken it a notch higher. You get very low levels of calories in one pint of ice cream, sometimes even half what is contained in the traditional scoop.

The other essential nutrients that may not have made it to the ice cream of old can now be added to make the scoop healthier. Manufacturers have gone the extra mile and added proteins and fiber so that you get a high protein serving with low sugar and calories.

Ice cream would lose its allure if it didn’t contain the sweet add-ons. Sweeteners, therefore, still form an essential part of the ice cream recipe. Fortunately, you don’t always need to use synthetic sweeteners. The perfect healthy ice cream is made from natural sweeteners such as fruit extracts to top up the other ingredients.

Have You Tried the Vegan Ice Cream?

Milk and cream were the essential parts of making ice cream. However, with the emphasis on wellness and healthy diets, manufacturers have turned away from milk and tried other options that can mimic the creamy effect of cow milk. These alternatives include peas and coconut. The product has been termed vegan or non-dairy ice cream. It is a good choice for strict vegans and for those who are lactose-intolerant.

Now that it is clear ice cream doesn’t have to be made on the traditional rules, manufacturers have gone all out to add many inclusions into the healthy ice cream pint. Such tweaks have resulted in flavors that you wouldn’t have imagined.

The real purists of healthy ice cream aren’t even touching the nuts for an alternative creamy effect. It is all about seeds, fruits, protein, and fiber. These superfood treats are preferred by those who want to have safe diets because they are also gluten-free. You wouldn’t receive much contradiction if you picked dairy-free ice cream as your best choice of healthy ice cream.

If you always viewed ice cream as unhealthy, it is about time you started reconsidering your perspectives because now there is a whole lot of modification that has been done on the ice cream that you used to buy a few years ago. The ingredients you get in the current crop of healthy ice cream are not predetermined. Different manufacturers are taking it in their own way. Just make sure you pick ice cream that is truly healthy. In some regions, these scoops go by the name desserts, and you have to be keen when you look. Now you know it is possible to eat ice cream without anticipating poor health.  

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