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Teen Decor Tips

As our kids get older, they need their own space more and more. Not only that, but they have their own sense of style and taste and they want to be able to express that in the spaces that are their own.

That’s why it’s always a good idea, if you can, to help your teens redecorate their bedrooms as they transition from childhood to a place of greater maturity.

If you are thinking about helping your teen redecorate their bedroom, but you don’t know where to start, here are some top teen decor types to think about:

1. Go bold

Most teens are not onto cream and beige – they love color. So, even if it is not to your personal taste, let them make bold choices in their own bedroom. You might not think that pink and green look great together or that electric yellow, in a particular, fetching shade to have on the walls, but if your teen loves it and it will make them love their space just that bit more, let them go ahead – you can always repaint it when they head off to college!

2. Invest in a double bed

If your child has always had a small single bed up until now, it might be nice to let them get a double bed instead. Teens are growing and learning rapidly, which means they need their rest; they are also getting bigger and bigger by the day, so allowing them the luxury of a larger bed is likely to go down well, and it will also help to give their room a more grown-up feel too.

3. Create a comfy study space

Studying is likely to be a big and important part of your teen’s life, so it is vital that you include a comfy, welcoming study space in their bedroom. Choose the largest desk you can comfortably fit into the bedroom, and the comfiest ergonomic chair you can find. Paint the desk pink or purple or blue to make it more fun than plain old wood, and add a quirky lamp, like this Tetris lamp or this pineapple lamp, to bring some fun and personality into the space too.

4. Frame posters

Most teenagers love to decorate their rooms with posters of their favorite boybands or movie stars or games or wherever. This is a fun way for them to express themselves, but it can often look a little messy or childish, One thing that can make posters look 100 percent better is having them framed. That way they look more like real artwork and give the room an air of sophistication that might otherwise be missed, while also helping to keep the walls tidier too.

5. Focus on accessories

Most teens change what they are into a lot. One week they love Stranger Things, the next they’re all about Drag Race. That’s why, when it comes to decorating their rooms, it is often a better idea to focus on accessories, which can easily be changed, rather than painting murals of their favorite things on the walls, for example.

There are numerous great accessories that can help them make their room feel more like them from these console skins that come in a range of patterns to duvet covers featuring unicorns or boybands or the latest in thing at the time. The beauty of this is also that when they move out, you don’t have to spend so much time redecorating – you can just switch out the accessories.

5. Install plenty of seating

From a couch under a loft bed to lots of beanbags placed in the corner, ensuring that there is plenty of comfy seating is a must because, as you will know, teens love to have their friends over and they like their privacy while they are doing so, which means sitting in the bedroom sometimes for hours on end. The comfier you can make their room, the more fun they will have entertaining and when they’re at home in a safe place with their friends, you won’t have to worry about them nearly as much!

Teenagers are at the perfect stage in life for a little self-expression; to make interesting and unique decor choices that reflect who they really are without trying to fit into a certain mold, so let them have fun with their bedroom decor, while also offering a guiding hand so that their rooms are practical and functional as well as fun and attractive. Have fun with it!

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