Savvy Gift Ideas

Technology and Art, a Trendy Combination for Gift Idea

Technology has made things that were once impossible, very possible. It also changes the way that we live. Do you still remember when we needed to carry a bunch of CDs and a portable CD player to enjoy music outside? Now thousands of songs can be stored in a music player as tiny as a match-box-size.

We are living in a “wireless” world. Lots of things can now be done wirelessly, including home and personal entertainment, home security and more. Most connections between devices are done by Bluetooth. In the past, people had the experience of using Bluetooth to transfer photos or files between smart phones. Bluetooth headsets have been around for some time now too. However due to Bluetooth specification limits created back in the 2000’s, the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset was usually low which is why they are mainly used for voice calls only. Since that time, with nearly 20 years of development, the Bluetooth specification has been significantly advanced. A Bluetooth headphone / speaker has become a trendy device to allow you enjoy high quality music in this “wireless” era and they work amazingly well and the sound quality is amazing.

As technology developes, the idea of sending a gift is also changing. When it comes to a “gift”, it is usually interpreted as something “fancy”, “meaningful” but may not be “practical”. Display cabinet seems to be the only place where they can be found. “How to send anniversary gifts for her while they can be used in daily life” is what most people are thinking about. There is also nothing more meaningful than Personalized gifts, which is why making sure to pick the perfect piece for your recipient is so very important. Manufactures are also trying to be creative to implement some technological elements into traditional gifts e.g. real roses into speakers. 

There are also fabulous clothing gifts that you can find for this modern “wireless” world that we are living in. My nephew loves the clothing available online at the They have the perfect techwear aesthetic that is inspired by military, tactical, ninja and cyberpunk clothing with the end result being highly functional clothes that are perfectly functional yet fashionable.

To combine technology and traditional gifts, some manufacturers come up with an idea to integrate the Bluetooth speaker into a flower night light. A flower nightlight that is also a bluetooth speaker is an everlasting choice of gifts for women as it is the perfect way to enlighten the receiver’s mood and to express the sender’s feelings and emotion. What’s more, light is something we cannot live without. A warm night light would be an ideal mood maker in the bedroom. The creative part of this design is that the manufacturer preserves the fresh flower inside a crystal ball by injecting resin so as to make the flower never wither, like what Lightue does. Buyers can also choose the flower type they desire. The Bluetooth speaker function allows user to enjoy high sound quality music by using their smart devices, which offers a comprehensive day-to-day use function. Meanwhile buyers can select the custom gifts for her by engraving some words they would like to say on the wooden base. We all know how hard it can be to choose meaningful gifts for our friends and family. However, by choosing a customized gift for your loved ones you can show them just how much they mean to you. Nowadays, there is a wide range of Personalized gifts to buy so do not be afraid to shop around to find the perfect present.

Flower, night light, and Bluetooth speaker, these three items seem to have nothing in common with each other, but technology has put them together and in turn it is a creative and unique gift choice in today’s modern era. Technology is changing the world, as well as the way that things are done. In the foreseeable future we can witness more and more creative gift ideas by taking advantage of technology, offering more and more new and trendy choices to you…. the customer. 

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