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Support Your Growing Garden Properly With K-Brands Adjustable Tomato Cages!

Gardening is my favorite past time and my absolute favorite thing to do once the weather warms up after the cold, harsh winter months. I am sure you have seen me post about my love of working outdoors over the past few years because it is special to me. I used to work outdoors in my grandparents garden and yard as a child and I also used to help my Dad out with the same which is where my love of working outdoors comes in. I love using my hands and getting them dirty caring for my plants and yard and I especially love to garden and grow veggies and herbs in the Spring, Sumer and Fall months as home grown produce is simply more delicious and better than anything that I can buy at the grocery store plus for me gardening is therapeutic. This is why as soon as I see my Daffodils popping out of the ground throughout my yard, I get an itch to start my vegetable and herb garden and that is the reason that I jumped at the chance to work with K-Brands to give their fabulous Adjustable Tomato Cages a try for this growing season. I love that K-Brands designed tomato cages that grow with your plants and that they’re adjustable and versatile. Let’s take a look at the reasons I am loving these Adjustable Tomato Cages from K-Brands and why they are a must have for anyone growing their own garden this year and beyond.

Perfect For Indoor Or outdoor Use

I love that K-Brands created a tomato cage system that grows with your plants. The poles used throughout combine a strong steel core with a sturdy thick plastic coating so that the stakes, once built can be used to support your growing tomato plants. These stakes are perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing environments too which is pretty awesome for anyone growing plants indoors.

You can see that my cherry tomato plants are being grown in a raised bed that is protected by a wire screen as we live in The Poconos and the only way that we can grow a garden is to have it fenced in so that the critters cannot get to the plants. That is the reason I jumped at the chance to work with K-Brands to give their tomato cages a try as they designed their cages to grow with your plants. I can literally control how tall the tomato cage gets which for me is important as traditional tomato cages are too tall for my raised bed BUT that is not the case with K-Brands Adjustable Tomato Cages.

I will be adding on another level to these Adjustable Tomato Cages once my plants grow taller and that will be it for those particular tomato plants as their height is limited in the enclosure. They are cherry tomato plants so they do not tend to get as tall as traditional beefsteak tomato plants so it will be fine. I just love how these cages support the plants perfectly, especially once you have produce growing on them as it is important to keep those tomato plants supported so they can flourish and provide you with lots of produce. If your plants are not properly supported, the wind and rain will eventually knock them down and the end result is rotten produce on the ground. Not with these fabulous tomatoes cages from K-Brands!

Easy To Assemble

I love how easy these tomato cages are to put together. I did a quick read of the instructions and started whipping them together with ease. No help or tools are needed for the assembly process and these cages are perfection for your growing tomato plants and any other garden plants that may need support. You get enough to build 3 adjustable tomato cages, up to 68″ tall! I will be picking up another pack or two of these cages once my husband gets our new garden enclosure completed and will use these for my beefsteak tomato plants and also my cucumbers!

To assemble you simply assemble the poles and secure with the snapping clips…. absolutely no tools needed. You make a triangle of sorts to go around your plants and you control how wide or narrow it is depending on your plants size and growing needs with the snapping clip pieces. You literally snap them together and use a little muscle to secure the poles into the connectors so that the cage is standing straight and tall. As mentioned above…. once my plants grow taller… I will add another level of poles and clips to support its growing needs.

Proper Support For Your Growing Plants Needs

These adjustable tomato cages from K-Brands are fabulous due to their adjustability. That adjustability is the key to what sets these cages apart from any others that I have used in the past. You can add poles to make the cages taller to support the plants growing needs plus if your plant is also growing wider and filling out…… the adjustable snapping clips allow you to reposition the cage to match your plants growing needs and ensures continued support without damaging the plant.

Versatile ~ Perfect For More Than Just Tomatoes

The K-Brands Garden Cage can help with the growth of all kinds of vertical climbing vegetables or plants and can be built up to 68 inches tall. Think snap peas, green beans, cucumbers, and even floral plants like jasmine and roses! The wonderful ergonomic design ensures that your plant’s fruit and leaves won’t weigh down the stems and I love that they grow with your plant…from seedling to mature tomato plant.

So what do you think of these fabulous Adjustable Tomato Cages from K-Brands?! Are you an avid gardener like myself or are you thinking of growing your own produce this summer to save money at the grocers? You need the proper tools and I highly suggest you check out and use these adjustable cages from K-Brands as they grow with your garden and do a fabulous job supporting the plants so that they can flourish! You get 3 cages per set and each is 68 inches tall when fully built (or up to 6 cages at 34 inches high). Check out K-Brands on Amazon and on social media today!

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  • Amber Myers

    I can see why this would come in handy. I wish I could grow things but I am terrible at it.

    • mcushing7

      You can do it… my mom says the same thing 😉 I think she takes too good of care… over waters LOL.

    • mcushing7

      They work beautifully Tara! Perfect for any climbing plants or plants that need support 😉

    • mcushing7

      They work perfectly! Check them out and make sure to enter for your chance to win a pack of 3!

  • appetizersandentrees

    As someone who is new to gardening, I appreciate the tips and tricks for supporting my growing plants properly. It’s great to learn about different products that can make gardening easier and more successful.

    • mcushing7

      Nothing better 😉 That stinks too! Wish you could grow your tomatoes… they are so good when they are homegrown 😉

  • Richelle Milar

    This is so perfect on our garden! My mom would really love this for sure! Thanks for sharing this with us

  • Beautiful Touches

    These K Brands adjustable tomato cages look incredibly useful and effective! I think it would be something I’d like to invest in when I’m able to plant my own garden.

    • mcushing7

      I love that it grows with my plant….and for the purpose I am using it in an enclosed raised bed and it works perfectly in there as compared to traditional tomato cages that would be too large!