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Stuck At Home? You Can Still Look After Yourself!

When you’re stuck at home it can be a lot harder to look after yourself. Wellness regimens go out the window when you don’t have to appear in front of colleagues and strangers every day. Whether you’re stuck at home, or able to go out you should look after yourself. Lockdown and quarantine has taken its toll on a lot of people. Some people are struggling with the worry they may no longer have the same levels of financial freedom they once had. The longer the lethargy  goes on, the more likely people are to be sucked into bad habits. These habits might be fine for a short while, but if they start to take over you could become unhealthy or start to lose purpose. These tips can help you stay focused on what’s important and may be able to start you on the road to better self care. It’s key to remember that everyone is different. 

Get Some Sunlight!

Don’t stay in all day, everyday, waiting for something different to happen or something different to do. Get out in the sun. It’s really good to get some sun for your skin, in moderation. Even if you have bad skin. Here are some tips for sensitive skin, but remember, if you’re going out in the sun for a long time wear sunscreen. Especially if it is a hot day. The sun, in moderation, should help your complexion and help with different kinds of skin conditions. This applies to your family too. You can utilize any garden space if available. From sitting in the sun, to playing games outside with your family…they’re all easy ways to catch some rays.


Different Scenery

Try to get out at least once a day for a walk. The different scenery can help you and your family, especially if you’ve been stuck inside for a long period of time. Try to walk to new places, and find different routes. If you can, get to the edge of the city and have a walk in nature. The kids will love it and it’ll be something different to do. Plus, it’s an easy way to get some exercise in. A great way to monitor this is by trying to get at least 10,000 steps a day in. It sounds like a lot, but it’s easily manageable. You can even go out for two shorter walks instead of one longer one. It’s a great way of burning some energy off, for you and the kids. You just have to make sure you’re following current social distancing guidelines, and of course only go out if you and your family are well enough to do so.

Personal Exercise

One of the best ways to look after yourself is by keeping fit. You can do this from home. The gyms might have shut but that doesn’t mean you can’t operate yourself. You might be lucky enough to have training equipment at home. This could be an exercise bike, treadmill, or cross trainer. If you don’t, then push ups, sit ups etc. can be utilised. Find something that works for your and stick to it. There are thousands of home workout videos on YouTube to use, which can help you get a work out in your own home. These come in different levels of difficulty too, so you can pick one which suits you. This is also something you and your whole family can do and enjoy together, where you can have a bit of a laugh with it.

Be Aware Of Your Mental Health

It’s really important to keep this in mind. When you’re forced to stay indoors for a long period of time, it can become quite damaging to your mental health. This can be compounded by the fact you might be on your own. Take care of yourself. Make sure you facetime your friends and family so you see each other more often. Do things you enjoy. Try to keep things fresh. It’s incredibly hard to keep proper tabs on your mental health. If you think things are getting quite bad, open up about it. It can always help to talk to a friend about what’s wrong. Just voicing your concerns out loud will help a bit. Remember, if nothing gets better then you need some expert help. Book an appointment with your doctor and talk things through. You can’t put a price on your health and it should come before everything else. These times are trying for everyone, but some people feel it more than others and there’s no shame in that.

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