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Staying Safe as a Blogger

Staying Safe as a Blogger

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As a blogger, you’re putting yourself out there, and although you’d like to think that it is only ever lovely people who read the words you publish, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Anyone can read your blog, and if you manage to upset the wrong kind of person, then you could so easily become the victim of online harassment, trolling or even, in extreme cases, a target for violence in the real world!

Hopefully, none of that stuff will ever happen, but it pays to take precautions to stay safe as a blogger just in case…

Remain Anonymous

It’s becoming harder and harder to do this, not only because it’s pretty easy to find out who anyone posting online is, but also because it’s more difficult to gain a following or make money when you don’t put yourself out there on your blog. However, if it’s an option for you registering your domain anonymously and posting under a pseudonym will give you the most protection from any oddballs who chance against your blog. I know it’s not always that easy though! However, if you were to struggle to find a domain name that is personal, you may want to look at domain name generators that you’re able to find here, for example – this way part of your blog will always be anonymous and not have any sort of affiliation with your personal information.

Use a Virtual Mailbox

If you are required to publish an address on your blog, don’t use your own home or business blog – use a business address service instead. That way, you’ll meet the legal requirements, be able to receive correspondence from our audience the traditional way and you won’t give the wrong people enough information to track you down. Having that extra layer of security that comes with using a registered office address can give many of us bloggers peace of mind!

Avoid Posting in Real-Time

If you post in real-time, it would be so easy for any of your readers who happen to live in the same city, to head out to wherever you are for whatever reason. So, if you’re going out alone, save your posts until you have company, or you return to the safety of your own home.

Think Before Being Controversial

Controversial blog posts can really boost your traffic, but they can also upset people and upset people have been known to troll, post nasty comments and even issue threats online, so be wary of tackling tricky subjects that you know will get passions inflamed, and if you must, do so as sensitively as possible. Furthermore, if you are using any statistics or facts in your posts, it’s so important to cite your sources. There’s a great deal of misinformation on the Internet so fact checking can help your site remain credible. Learning how to cite a website correctly should therefore be high on your list of priorities.

Don’t Give Too Much Away

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Even if your readers know your name and what you look like, it would still be difficult for them to find you, unless you start posting about that certain restaurant you frequent on the corner, the name of your mom, what’s going on in your local park this weekend etc. You shouldn’t be afraid to post about your life, but just be aware of how much localized info you’re giving away.

Block Abusive People

The first time someone posts an abusive and uncalled for comment to your blog, just block them and block them on every platform. It’s not worth your time and worrying to read what they have to say if what they are saying is not remotely constructive, but patently abusive.

Get the Authorities Involved

If, despite your best efforts, you are being stalked or threatened on or offline, don’t hesitate to call the police. They are now way more willing to take online cases seriously, and they will help you.

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