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Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Scott’s Liquid Gold

With summer around the corner…. it is time for me to get my home aired out and cleaned for my annual spring cleaning session. Every year I do this as it is a great way to take advantage of the warmer weather which inspires me to organize and clean everything. I even take advantage of this time to update the closets in my home by bringing all of the spring and summer gear out and packing away the heavy winter items. When I do this I also like to wipe down all of the shelves in my closets as well as wipe down everything during the Spring Cleaning process. Now with the purchase of our new home in The Poconos of Pennsylvania …. I now have a home with lots of wood that needs to be cleaned and cared for. Wood beams, wood stairs, wood railings in the loft space as well as wood beams in the kitchen, wood cabinets and doors, countertops, closets and more. Yeah… it leaves me with lots of wood to care for which is why I had to share my Spring Cleaning secret when it comes to cleaning the wood surfaces in my home which are abundant… and it is Scott’s Liquid Gold.

Scott's Liquid Gold

There are two products that I cannot live without from the Scott’s Liquid Gold line and that I wanted to share with my readers as I believe these products are must haves for homes with wood surfaces. I was gifted Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care and Scott’s Liquid Gold One Clean Home Multi-Surface Foaming Cleaner to try in my home and I love them. They are amazing products and not only do they work perfectly at cleaning and preserving my wood surfaces but they also leave behind a fresh and clean scent. Now let’s take a look at my favorite Scott’s Liquid Gold cleaning products and why they are my go-to’s for all of my wood surface cleaning needs (and so much more!).

Scott’s Liquid Gold® Wood Care

Scott's Liquid Gold

Scott’s Liquid Gold® Wood Care is the only wood polishing product for me. Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care is trusted to care for real wood as it visibly hydrates and deeply nourishes all of your wood surfaces when you are cleaning and dusting. Scott’s Liquid Gold made this product to perfectly balance the moisture in the wood which enhances the natural beauty, texture and grain of real wood making it the prized masterpiece that it is.

To use this product for cleaning… I simply spray a bit of Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care to my dusting rag and then wipe the surface clean. I give it a nice rub down and polish the product into the surface. You end up with a lustrous shine in the wood making it look amazing. I do this for regular dusting of all of my wood surfaces, wood furniture, cabinets and shelves.


Directions For Use:

1) Spray on lint-free cloth (making sure the cloth is lint-free ensures there is no lint left behind after you clean your wood surface)

2) Spread evenly on finished wood surfaces*

3) Remove any excess with clean cloth. Buffing out reduces residual oil, as well as brings out the full shine of Wood Care

*Spot test on a small area first. Wood may appear darker until product absorbs completely.

Besides Cleaning Wood Surfaces, You Can Use Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care For So Many Other Purposes Making It Perfect For Your Spring Cleaning Needs: 

Cleaning & Polishing Stainless Steel: Scott’s Liquid Gold can be used for more than just your wood surfaces too which makes it truly amazing. You can use it to clean and polish stainless steel surfaces too. You will first want to spray the stainless steel surface you are looking to clean with vinegar and then use a super soft cloth to wipe the vinegar off. This will remove any dust, dirt and grime form the surface. Next… your will apply Scott’s Liquid Gold with a dry, soft cloth and then simply polish it in. Before you know it…. your stainless steel surface will look shiny and new.

Clean & Protect Large Surfaces: Scott’s Liquid Gold is also perfect for large cleaning projects.. like for wood paneling. Simply get the pourable version of Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care and pour it into a paint tray and then take a new paint roller and saturate it with the Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care Product. Take and apply the Scott’s evenly and thoroughly to the surface by rolling it on. When you are done you will have restored and protected your wood panels with ease.

Other Uses:

*Use as a lubricant for squeaky hinges, household fans, bicycle chains, swivel chairs, nuts and bolts, sliding door tracks and even garden hand tools.

*Use it to clean and soften the leather on ball mitts and hiking boots, luggage, saddles, old/antique books and eve dashboards.

*Use it to clean and prevent rust on metal and wood garden and farm hand tools.

*Use Scott’s to clean and restore window screens, stained glass, unpainted wood or metal window blinds, metal tools, Plexiglass, metal or plastic office equipment, Golf Irons and Gun Stocks.

*Spray on a surface to use to remove stickers form car bumpers, windows, appliances, and more. Plus you can use it to remove tar from your vehicle.

*Use it to clean stainless steel, silver, copper, chrome, wrought iron and brass items as well which I have done and my brass pieces came out shiny and new. I did wash thoroughly when I was done and it is important to wash these items before using them after cleaning.

*Also works perfectly at cleaning the soap scum from shower doors and tiles PLUS it will help to prevent build up in the future which I love.

Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE CLEAN HOME®

Scott's Liquid Gold

Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE CLEAN HOME® is a multi-surface foaming cleaner that is safe to use on wood and more. This wonderful product is something to love as it uses naturally occurring, non-toxic citric acid to clean all kinds of household messes for a clean that you can feel good about and that is safe to use around people, pets and the planet! That is important to me as I ave kids and fur babies in my household so I only look for safe products to use around them. Oh and I also have to mention the amazingly fresh and clean grapefruit scent that it leaves behind. Scent is important to me as it reminds me of my mom as she would do a thorough clean of our home every weekend when she was off work and the house always smelled so clean and fresh when she was done. I experience that wonderful clean scent every time I use the product which makes me love it even more.

Now just like with Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care, Scott’s Liquid Gold One Clean Home is good to use on wood surfaces plus so much more. It actually works on all types of hard surfaces such as finished wood surfaces, wood laminates, stainless steel, tile, plastic, metal, stone, porcelain, and vinyl. Plus it works beautifully at cleaning greasy, grimy, gritty, goopy messes and it makes cleaning those messes super easy. I absolutely love the foaming no-drip formula as it stays where you put it and it does not drip BUT It is recommended to do a spot test on a small inconspicuous area first just to be on the safe side when first using.

Scott's Liquid Gold


1) Spray 6 – 8 inches from dirty surface, spread evenly and wipe away! Repeat as needed.

2) For tough messes, let it sit, then wipe away.

3) On wood surfaces follow with Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care® to treat and protect.  Not for use on leather, fabrics, glass or mirrors.

Note: We recommend doing a spot test on a small inconspicuous area first.

Use Scott’s Liquid Gold ONE CLEAN HOME on:

*Finished Wood

*Wood Laminates


*Stainless Steel






Consumers Have Also Used It For: Window Screens, Window Blinds, Window Shutters, Metal Hardware & Tools, Office Furniture, Baseboards, Doors & Trim, Ceiling Fans, Plexiglass-Glass or Stained Glass, Outdoor Furniture, Exterior of your pots for planting and can be used in your vehicle for cleaning as well. 

Scott's Liquid Gold

So what do you thing of Scott’s Liquid Gold and these fabulous cleaning products that not only clean your wood surfaces and wood furniture throughout your home but that also preserve and restore them beautifully?!? Do you have plenty of wood surfaces that need to be cared for? Think wood furniture, cabinets, and more as they are a wonderful way to preserve all of the wood items in your home PLUS the products can be used for so much more like cleaning stainless steel surfaces, tile, plexiglass OR even for fixing leaky hinges in your car and home. With Scott’s Liquid Gold the possibilities are endless as their products provide the perfect way to clean your wood surfaces and more throughout the home. Add to that the fact that they are designed to restore, preserve and protect your natural wood furniture, cabinets and decor…. making it a must have for your cleaning arsenal especially for Spring Cleaning. Check them out online and on social media too to see what others think about Scott’s Liquid Gold and give it a try for yourself as you will love it as much as I do.


Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


  • Lauryn R

    Scotts Liquid Gold sounds amazing! I have never used it before, but I am excited to try it now. I love that it smells good, I am big on that.

  • megan allen

    We take great pride in our home. That’s why we definitely must try this!! Thanks for sharing!

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