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Spotlight On Spanish Wines That’ll Make You Cry Olé

Spotlight On Spanish Wines That’ll Make You Cry Olé

From their full-bodied and aromatic reds to refreshing, brisk whites, to their cool and delicious rosés, the Spanish have a lot to offer in terms of wine selection. The country’s wine heritage is nearly three thousand years old and the Spanish people have, within the last half century, made a name for themselves as winemakers internationally. With Spain’s seven wine regions producing quality grapes native to their land, and rivaling those of France and Italy, it’s a connoisseur’s responsibility to explore at least a few prized bottles emerging from this part of Europe.  Spain has more acres under vine than any country in the world.


Some of the country’s best-known wines come from the vineyards around the Duero River, the table wines made from grapes that grow along these banks make for intense reds most often served with roasted lamb. The ripening process in this region is slow resulting in wines that are rich in flavor. An excellent 90+ point wine to try from Ribiera del Duero is the Rios De TintaRibiera del Duero by Isaac Fernandez Selección, vintage 2015. It has a brilliant violet color, displaying an array of dark fruit and floral aromas, and offering vibrant black raspberry and bitter cherry flavors. You may pair this bottle with cured or red meats, hard cheeses, breads and roasted vegetables.

For a delectable, high-quality Spanish rosé, consider the Biutiful Cava Brut Rosé by Isaac Fernandez Selección as well. Its brilliant pink color coupled with intense red berry and tangerine scents makes a great first impression. Then to finish, the juicy raspberry and blood orange flavors create an interplay of power and finesse. It pairs well with white meats, roasted vegetables and breads. This is the perfect wine with which to start almost any evening.

Moving west towards the Erbo River Valley lies Rioja, which has traditionally carried Spain’s reputation for high quality wine, and did so almost exclusively until the late twentieth century. While reds are the region’s most popular, some exceptional whites are flying under the radar like the Lopez de Haro Rioja Blanco, which is clean and bright, and aged for two months in French oak barrels. With white fruit and flowers on the nose, the freshness and complexity, along with a long, pleasant finish makes this bottle pair nicely with fish, soft cheese and white meat.

Choose the bottle(s) of your choice for a great price, and even have them delivered to your door with an online retailer like Wine Online. The company guarantees quality selections from all over the world are made available and affordable for wine lovers – even those from rural regions. They source and do the research for their customers, traveling regularly to wineries locally and internationally, working with renowned wine makers to ensure they have the best in stock.

If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the wine regions of Spain for example, bring the tastes of Andalucía and the Mediterranean coast right to your backyard patio this summer. With a variety of 90+ point selections to choose from, you know you’ll be serving only the most superior wines, that have both class and value.

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