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Simple Ways to Make Your Backyard Look More Modern

Having the perfect backyard is something many of us dream of, but with our busy lifestyles alongside the changes in weather and personal circumstances, finding the time and energy to put into our backyard can be tough. You may think that getting in a professional is the only option you can think of, however, with a bit of research and inspiration, it can be easier than you may have originally thought. And it can be cheaper than you expect too! With resources like this Decking Calculator available online, you can really keep the costs of any project you tackle down. Not only does this make your garden more personal to you, but it can also save you a lot of money without taking too much of your time. Luckily for you, we have some simple yet effective ways to make your backyard look modern.

Add Some Lighting

Being able to throw a party in your backyard is a great benefit of having one. Outdoor parties are always successful, as they have a great atmosphere and are usually hosted in the summer months, contributing to the fun. Having something new in your backyard during these parties is always a great idea, both for the enjoyment of your guests and your own success as a host. An easy way to do this is to add some light. Examples can start from things like solar powered outdoor fairy lights, to glow sticks placed inside balloons or other decorations that exist within your garden. This simple, modern addition can create such a fantastic ambiance when it comes to spending outdoor time in your garden during the night.

Build a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a must-have if you want to create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere while your friends and family are over during the summer. The great thing about this modern feature is that they are quite easy to build and they are also very affordable. All you need to build a fire pit are bricks, a masonry adhesive tube, and pea gravel. The first step would be to dig a hole; this only needs to be a few inches deep. Don’t forget you’ll need a set of fire blankets to hand in-case you ever need to take control of the fire. Then lay down a layer of the gravel and add the bricks. You can design this feature and build it into whatever shape or size you want it. This social feature really does add some personality and is a fantastic place for gatherings in your backyard. Adding some decking around the fire pit is a great idea. This way, you can put some modern furniture around it. Click the link to find out more information on decking your garden.

Decorate Tree Stumps

If you have some tree stumps sitting around your garden, then think about getting creative with them. They can make a lovely feature with a bit of time. Being a natural element, it is easy to include tree stumps into your modern design. You can decorate them with paint (glow in the dark paint looks great at night) and lights, or you can turn it into a flower pot. Additionally, with there being tree removal and tree services out there, getting tree stumps removed from your garden has never been easier. Not everyone wants to keep old tree stumps in their garden, so this may be something worth considering and finding the right professional to do just that is key. Look into stump removal by expert arborist Sacramento if you do decide to get your tree stump removed. You can also research companies like Portland tree stump removal service as comparing your options is always the best way to go and you can rest assured that you are finding the perfect fit for you.

DIY Candle Holders

Going back to adding light, candles are a cozy and romantic addition to any room and contribute to the modern look of the area they are placed in, so why not add some to your garden. Making candle holders is easy. All you need are mason jars, sand/beans/gravel, rope, decorations, and candles, then you can hang them from the trees in your garden. You can paint or add decorations to the jars to personalize them to you and the look of your garden. You can even make them symbolic by adding the name or photo of a loved one. There are many candles you can use depending on what you want them for. You can get ones that make your garden smell particularly nice or you can get ones that repel insects, which are particularly useful in the summer, especially if you experience a high number of pesky insects such as wasps and mosquitos.

Planting Flowers

Planting flowers and shrubbery doesn’t only contribute to the biodiversity of your backyard, but they can also create a great theme. You can plant flowers that are specific colors to match the furniture and other features that you may have in your garden. Combing a range of colors in a harmonious way can create a very bright, designer garden that is guaranteed to wow your guests. It is very satisfying when plants thrive in your garden and they are definitely something you should be proud of if you decide to add them to your backyard.

Put Up Some Hammocks

There is such a great range of hammocks available these days and they are such an easy accessory to add to your garden. They are a brilliant place to relax during a summer’s day. They are comfy and can be a great place to nap, read, have a drink or just somewhere to sit under the sun and tan. With so many modern designs available, they are guaranteed to make your garden look trendy. You can also build your own hammocks if you want to make your garden more personal. All you need is some rope, strong hooks, a sheet, and either two trees or a frame to hang it from. Then you can add some pillows and maybe even some blankets to make it a cozy and comfy place to enjoy your garden.

Set Up a Backyard Cinema

Having a personalized outdoor cinema is a fun and creative modern feature you should think about adding to your garden. This feature doesn’t only look good, but it is also great for date nights or social gatherings during the summer. You can add things to make it comfortable and welcoming. All you need to set up your outdoor cinema is a projector, a projector screen (preferably an outdoor one), your laptop, some pillows and blankets, and finally a great movie and your favorite snacks.

See, it isn’t hard to make your backyard more modern. These creative ideas are simple to do and are extremely effective, especially if you use your backyard as a social space or enjoy spending your spare time embracing your outdoor space. You work hard for the things you own, so it makes sense to show them off and to be proud of them and there should be no exceptions when it comes to your backyard.


  • Dawn D.

    I love my yard – front and back. My husband is a landscaper and sees to it that everything’s in tip-top shape.

  • Dolores Miranda

    Such great ideas!I really love the decorating a tree stump idea!I have never thought of that before and have a few in my backyard I may do something with!!

  • Donna

    I’d love to have a hammock to relax in when the weather is nice. A backyard cinema sounds like so much fun! It would be a unique and special way to spend time with family and friends.

  • Lauryn R

    These are great ways to spruce up your backyard and make it look more modern! Your backyard can really be a relaxing haven if you design it that way. I have always though it would be awesome to have a projector and screen in the backyard!

  • gloria patterson

    I don’t have a yard anymore, apartment now! I love reading about, pictures etc about how to make a great looking yard. Some of these ideals I used years ago. I also like to watch HGTV

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