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Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them With Seven Sisters Scones PLUS Save 10%!

Did you know that Employee Appreciation Day is March 3rd? Well it is and right now is the perfect time to order and get Seven Sisters Scones delivered to your door so that you can have them ready to gift to your employees and to show them how much you appreciate them! Think about it… delicious scones from Seven Sisters Scones are the ultimate way to show your employees that you care and appreciate them and with so many amazing flavor combinations available it’s gonna be hard to choose and there is sure to be the perfect scone for everyone on your list. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites……

Chocolate Kahlua Scone

This is one of my favorites from Seven Sisters Scones! This is part of their Black Label line of “boozy” scones and it is inspired by the cocktail and takes full advantage of Kahlua’s coffee accents. Add to that the fact that it is topped with a creamy Kailua glaze and chocolate chips and it is a rich and decadent chocolate scone anyone will love.

Vanilla Bean Scone

This is a new-to-me flavor… delicious Vanilla Bean! It is my favorite ice cream flavor so I knew that I would love it. It is a bold and yummy vanilla that is infused with Madagascar vanilla bean to really bring out the vanilla flavor and then top it with a vanilla bean glaze. The kids and the adults will love this one!

Strawberry Champagne Scone

This is one I so want to try. I love champagne and I love strawberries so it’s a win win. This one combines the dryness of champagne with sweet strawberry flavor and it is a delicious scone that anyone will absolutely love and enjoy.

Three Cheese Scone

I also love Seven Sisters Scones savory scones and their Three Cheese Scone is one not to be missed. This is made with Monterey Jack, cheddar and queso cheese and is a yummy snack and/or makes a great mini sandwich! A breakfast sandwich would be perfect with one of these!

Apple Caramel Scone

This scone is screaming my name as I love apple anything. This is an apple lover’s dream for sure and it is filled with gooey caramel bits and they use concentrated apple cider to pack that apple flavor punch to each scone. Delicious!

Blueberry Scone

The Seven Sisters Scones Blueberry Scone is always my go-to. Delicious plain and simple. What makes them so delicious is the fact that they don’t just throw a few blueberries into the dough… they put a lot of blueberries in and they layer them so that there are scones all over there place when eating this delicious delight! Always my favorite!

Chocolate Raspberry Scone

This is one that I have not yet tried but I am adding it to my next box for sure. In comes the Chocolate Raspberry Scone and this is one of their customer favorites and for good reason. It is a chocolate scone infused with raspberry and then topped with a sweet raspberry glaze and white chocolate chips. Sounds crazy delicious!

So what do you think of these Seven Sisters Scones?! Don’t all of the ones above sound delicious?! There are so many more flavor combinations to choose from and you can order a few or order a box of 6 or 12 and they are individually wrapped so that you can freeze a few to enjoy later! Simply thaw and heat and enjoy! They also carry cookie bars, Sconies which are smaller versions of their yummy scones plus they also have vegan and Gluten Free options! Order Seven Sisters Scones online today and show your employees how much you appreciate them & don’t forget to grab the coupon below too!

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