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Shop With Style & Eco-friendly Function With The Lotus Trolley Bag @LotusTrolleyBag @SMGurusNetwork

Shop With Style & Eco-friendly Function With The Lotus Trolley Bag @LotusTrolleyBag @SMGurusNetwork

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I am so thrilled to share the Lotus Trolley Bag system because it is a must have product for every household and is crucial for reducing the use of plastic in our modern world. We all know that plastic consumption is a huge problem today and one simple and easy way that we can eliminate the use of plastic is by purchasing re-useable shopping bags to use when shopping. I live on Long Island, in Suffolk County, NY and the county passed a new law this year to help in the fight to eliminate the use of plastic bags by charging customers for bags when shopping. For this reason everyone that I know is utilizing re-useable shopping bags as am I and I just love it, especially after using this wonderful set of bags from Lotus Trolley Bags. The Lotus Trolley Bags are different from other re-useable shopping bags on the market for so many fabulous reasons and they really take the stress out of grocery shopping which is a huge plus for me.


First… I love that the four bags included in the Lotus Trolley Bags roll up to make it easy to take them with you everywhere and to never forget them. I take them in to unload the groceries and then I bring them back and put them in my car so they are there in the event that I will need them.



The Lotus Trolley Bags provide a deep COOLER Bag that keeps your keep your refrigerated and frozen foods cold while driving home ands even allows you a bit of time to make a few pit stops on the way as the cooler bag insulates for 2 to 4 hours.



There are also wonderful egg and wine pockets in the largest purple bag. The Lotus Trolley Bags were carefully designed with fabulous compartments that will keep your eggs and wine bottles secure. You can also use the wine bottle slots for optional storage pockets if wine is not on your shopping list or if it is not your thing.



The Lotus Trolley Bags also come with removable rods! The patented rod design allows you to completely remove the rods for a nice streamlined look and to use for shopping in other places where carts are not available. You can remove the rods and use them as regular single use bags or to even put them into the wash!



The Lotus Trolley Bags are created with soft colors & high-end stitching. The Lotus Trolley Bags fabric and bags are higher quality and stronger than  any competing brands and with the durable double stitching, their bags are built to last. Each bag can hold over 50 pounds!

Check Out This Cool Video Which Shows How Fabulous These Bags Are!


So what do you think of the Lotus Trolley Bags? Are They Not The Most Fabulous Thing Ever?!? Well I love them and I love that these bags are not just for grocery shopping because each bag is detachable so you can use them at the beach, for road trips, picnics and more. There are small reinforced slits that allow for easy removal of the rods so that you can remove them and use them as traditional re-useable shopping bags. With the Lotus Trolley Bags you’ll never run out of uses for your reusable produce bags. 

Make sure you check out Lotus Trolley Bags online at their website to learn more about this fabulous US based company and check them out on social media as well!


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  • Steve Weber

    This takes being organized to a whole new level while shopping! love it! thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I just love this idea. I can’t wait to get some of these. I am always trying to sort my products out when pacing them in plastic grocery bags. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • Barrie

    I love this idea! I can see how it would make shopping quicker and easier and more organized! Even my hubby would like the idea.

  • Cheryl Everitt

    I am impressed with the four bags included in the Lotus Trolley Bag. This should take care of all my grocery shopping. Thank you for sharing.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I think this looks really convenient. I especially like that one of the bags is able to keep foods cold, too.

  • gloria patterson

    This bags sound so wonderful but still have a few questions. Do you use them while shopping or just after products go through the register? This is a great ideal I know I hate when I have to go through my bags hunting for cold/frozen items.

    • mcushing7

      You can use while shopping for sure! I keep them on the cart but pushed to the back so they are flat and shop and fill the cart. Then once I empty the cart at the register I pop them open and fill them once the cashier scans them. So easy and convenient and the thermal bag keeps everything perfectly cold.