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Self-Care Gift Ideas for Your Partner

When it comes to giving gifts to your other half, there are many different things to choose from. However, a gift that revolves around self-care is always a winner. This type of present shows your partner how much you care about their welfare, and that you want them to be healthy and well. Here are 5 self-care gifts to help you pamper your partner. 

*Book Subscription 

For some people, there is nothing more relaxing than reading a book and being transported to another world. If your partner is an avid bookworm, treat them to a monthly book subscription so that they always have something new to read. Not only will this gift indulge their favorite hobby, it can also help them relax and will reduce the amount of money they spend on books themselves. Those who enjoy reading via a digital device might prefer an online subscription, such as BookMate or Tailored Book Recommendations. 

*CBD Edibles 

If your partner has expressed an interest in CBD products in the past and are in need of a mental health boost, CBD edibles might be a good choice for them. Although more scientific research is needed to prove the efficacy of this ingredient, studies suggest that CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress, and relieve pain too. In addition, this unusual gift might also help your partner sleep better at night. Furthermore, CBD has grown in popularity since it became legal in the UK, and many people swear by CBD gummies. The best CBD gummies UK come in a variety of flavors and strengths, and quality edibles should come with a certificate of authenticity. 


Whether your partner enjoys journaling regularly or they tend to overthink, a new journal might be just what they need. Writing in a journal is a great way to clear the mind and work through chaotic thoughts. Giving your partner a personal way to express their feelings can help elevate their mood, boost their sense of wellbeing and decrease symptoms of depression. 

*Self-Care Gift Basket 

Baskets and hampers might sound like a mundane idea that only companies give as corporate gifts. However, a self-care gift basket, put together by you, can be incredibly thoughtful. A homemade gift basket can be filled with all the things that make your partner smile, and it also gives you a chance to show off how well you know them. Make sure you include wellness items that they can use to relax, such as candles, bath salts and toiletries. Their favorite bar of chocolate and their favorite tipple won’t go amiss either. 

*Spa Day 

If your significant other loves to be pampered and you have some cash to splash, why not splurge on a spa day for two? This gift idea is great for two reasons. Firstly, your partner can indulge themselves with an entire day of personal care, and melt away tension by using amenities that they wouldn’t usually have access to. Secondly, going to the spa together enables you to spend quality time as a couple, which can help strengthen your bond and create fond memories to look back on. 

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