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Science-Backed Uses of Medical Concentrates for Longevity 

If you have followed the use of controversial herbs and plants in modern medicine, you would be well-acquainted with cannabis for its popularity. Since its rapid legalization across states, we’re seeing an increase in medical testing case studies based on the long-term treatment of diseases we previously considered untreatable. Today, cannabidiol is extensively administered to improve these patients’ longevity in the healthiest ways possible. 

The following disorders and diseases are treated using medical-grade cannabis and marijuana concentrates. 

1.Alzheimer’s disease: One of the hallmarks of using medical CBD and THC in studies is the potential treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. From what we know, Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disorder that leads to slow deterioration of the neurological and mental faculties due to an unorderly build-up of protein in and around the brain cells. Not only does it affect a patient’s memory and ability to carry cognitive function but also affects their motor skills in the later stage. Today, there are no treatments for this disease. However, CBD and THC are being used as effective measures to deal with the side effects and anxiety that a patient may experience, making scientists hopeful for their potential healing abilities. 

2. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD: One of the most common uses of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol are in treating mental health disorders that can slowly debilitate your quality of life. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD all have different roots, but can be overlapping disorders based on one’s experience. However, using CBD in a dry herb vaporizer can be a lifeline to those struggling. For instance, Mind Vapes herbal products can bring relief from the cyclical nature of these disorders, giving a person time to use healing tools effectively. Getting an affordable herb burner is now as easy as a few clicks!

3. Side-effects of cancer treatments: While science and medicine have progressed tremendously in the last few decades, cancer treatment is still a point of controversy. While there is a certain threshold for treatments and their effectiveness, there is still no solid cure for cancers. We have found that radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and others are quite effective, but the side effects can cause the patient a lot of distress. Medical experts have advocated the use of CBD and THC concentrates to help them deal with nausea, vomiting, headaches, and weakness related to these treatment paths for cancer. 

4. Chron’s disease: You may have thought that cannabis treatments are limited to degenerative diseases and mental health disorders, but it is also used to help patients with Chron’s disease. Used for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, CBD and THC can help ease abdominal pain and discomfort while promoting healthy bowel movements

5. Seizures and epilepsy: For patients that experience epileptic seizures, being on guard all the time becomes second nature. However, cannabidiol and THC products can help in easing the anxiety and other effects of a seizure, reducing the likelihood of an attack. CBD oil has proven effective in reducing muscle spasms and tightness which can be a common experience for patients, providing long-term relief. 

Wrapping Up: 

Cannabis as a plant has several components that can be used to develop different substances. While using them in prescription doses can provide patients with a new lease on life, the discretion always lies upon the consumer to know the potential risks of over-consumption, just like any medical treatment. 

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