Savvy Money Saving Tips

Savvy Ways To Save Money On Your Next Renovation Project

Find out about some handy and easy ways to strip back the costs on your next big renovation project.

Home renovation is a great idea if you want to boost your quality of life at home, and enhance the way your property looks. It can even increase the value of your home. 

If you’re planning a house renovation project, there is no doubt you’re already thinking about the budget. Home improvement can be expensive so you will probably welcome a few tips to help you cut costs. 


Here are 9 savvy ways to save money on your next renovation project: 

1. Shop Around

Whether you are buying floor tiles, plain white paint, or expensive timber, every penny adds up. Always shop around for the items that you are going to use in your project. The results won’t be any lower in quality but your bank balance will be a lot better off.

2. DIY Or Hire? 

Sometimes it is cheaper to do it yourself if you know you have the skillset to get the job done. However, if you are unable to do the job well you may cost yourself a lot more money in time and effort than it costs to get a professional to do the work.

3. Stay Classic

This won’t save you money right now, but it will in the future. Classic timeless design saves you having to renovate in the near future, and it ensures the bones of the home will match any new trend you want to try out to refresh your home aesthetic.  

4. Storage

It can cost a lot of money to replace the items in your home if they get damaged during renovation. It can also cost a lot of money for workmen to have to work around large items of furniture. So make use of a self-storage facility for somewhere to keep your items safe and secure until you’re able to put them back into your home.

5. Don’t Rush

Going step-by-step and renovating, rather than waiting until you have the money for the whole project is actually a great idea when it comes to saving money. It means that you are forced to plan every step, and you have to think really carefully about each and every decision that you make. This can only benefit your overall spending approach.

6. Keep A Budget

It is so important to keep a budget throughout your renovation project to ensure that you don’t just lose track of the costs. This is especially true if you’re improving your home on a shoestring. Stick to your guns to avoid overspending.

7. Call In Favors

Do you know anybody with skills that you need for this renovation? Call in favours, especially if you can exchange your own skills as payment.

8. Wait For The Sales

Sales are brilliant for cutting the cost of a renovation. If there is something you know you want to include in your home improvement plan, avoid buying it outright. This is especially relevant if holidays and sales events like Black Friday are coming up. Wait and grab yourself a bargain.

9. Don’t Be Shy About Hacks

Hacks may well seem to be an internet trend, but they actually have a lot to teach us when it comes to saving money and time. Check out hacks for the next job you need to do in your renovation and you may well just find yourself a few savvy, cheaper shortcuts.

There’s Always Room To Save On Home Renovation

Whether you save big on supplies grabbed in the sales, or you continually keep to a budget and avoid overspending, there are always ways to save on home renovations. With the right approach, you can get the gorgeous home you deserve without breaking the bank.

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