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Our Weekend In Italy

Italy has always been at the top of my bucket list for countries I would love to visit. As a travel enthusiast, I always looked forward to all that the country has to offer, and it did not let me down. It is laden with beautiful scenic views and landscapes and rich culture. It is also home to ancient sculptures and architectural designs that have inspired a lot of modern techniques. Before the trip, my friends and I researched how to best plan the trip and avoid budget overshoots and other problems that come with international travel. One of the resources we used for the research is the Travel Foot Blog. This blog was instrumental in learning how we could get from Milan to Venice on a budget, something that came in handy later in the trip.

After some deliberation, we opted for a guided tour to ensure we got the most out of the trip. The tour included a local who stopped to show us some breathtaking sites such as the Rialto Bridge. We also switched to a boat to go across the Venice lagoon, and it was so much fun. The tour was quite affordable, at just about $145 for the trip, including the guided tour and the photoshoots.

Besides the on-the-road fun, some of my best moments were in Venice. The city stood tall and proud, and everywhere I looked was stunning. My friends and I enjoyed a gondola ride on Canal Grande and could not get enough of how beautiful the street was. We also took a city tour and appreciated the Basilica Di San Marco’s architectural designs and the Ponte Dei Sospiri. All through Venice, we rode a Vaperotto because we didn’t want to miss out and was surprised at how different of an experience it was from the gondola.

The pizzerias and restaurants were all so warm and offered a wide variety to choose from too. I didn’t know that there were that many types of pizzas out there. It’s a wonder I was able to move, considering how much pizza I ate. We also had a chance to taste some local dishes that were very delicious and unique. Italy is known for its wine, and honestly, I was not disappointed. Over and above the lovely food and wine, I found the people to be very amiable. They were super chill and friendly, and we even made new friends that I am in contact with to date.

One of the weekend highlights was the wine and food tasting tour that we took in Venice. As a wine lover, I was quite pleased with the wines and appetizers that we had. I also appreciated learning more about the process of wine production.

Overall, my weekend was fun-packed and very exciting. The trip exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Italy to any wanderlusts out there.  Once the pandemic ends, I will be headed back to Italy for some more fun.