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Romantics Gifts That Are Worth the Investment

While giving and receiving gifts may not be important to everyone, there’s no denying that gift-giving is valuable. If your partner’s “love language” is receiving gifts and you seldom give gifts and/or forget on special occasions, it is likely going to hurt their feelings and cause strain in your relationship. 

Giving gifts is hard for some. Fortunately, it’s less about the gift itself and more about the fact that you were thinking about them. It’s also a token of sentimentality for those whose love language is receiving gifts. Your loved one may need something special, so you can surprise her with a heart pendant, bracelets, and rings. offers many gifts such as Heart pendants, Rings, Keychains, and Bracelets for your special someone. 

If you’ve been with your significant other a long time and are ready for the gesture of “investing in them” with a gift that may be a bit more extravagant, then check out the following gift ideas: 

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special man in your life this Valentine’s Day or anytime really…. then you have to check out the Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him available at the Manly Man Co. My hubby will go wild for these as I can have my message added to beef jerky and so much more!

The Manly Man Company® is a veteran-owned small business that makes manly gifts including Beef Jerky Flowers, Bacon Roses, Manly Gift Boxes, and the nMeat Card™. They’ve already been featured on over 30 major outlets including Good Morning America, The Today Show, and USA Today because these gifts are just that good.

To date, The Manly Man Company boasts an ever-growing line of unique, custom and curated gifts that include:

*Beef Jerky Flowers

*Beef Jerky Roses

*Bacon Roses

*Manly Scented Gift Wrapping Paper

*Tactical Christmas Stocking Kits

*Manly Gift Boxes


*Meat Card™ (laser engraved with custom message)

*MAN CARD beer bottle openers

Seratopical Product Suite 

Recently, Nicole Kidman has partnered up with SeraTopical to help promote and distribute their anti-aging skincare line as well as their body creams and serums that hydrate while offering pain relief, according to Business Wire (BW). After experiencing an ankle injury over the summer, Kidman discovered the benefits of topic CBD, perhaps leading to her wanting to spread the word about this natural form of pain relief. BW notes how we can also look forward to three more products being released in 2021 from SeraLabs with the help of Nicole Kidman. 

To try the anti-aging line from Nicole Kidman Skincare and SeraTopical, consider the SeraTopical Product Suite for the best deal. With this bundle, you’ll get the anti-aging “Love Your Eyes” serum, the bestselling anti-aging “Super Booster” serum that tones and tightens skin, the “Radiant Glow” facial oil full of hydration and antioxidants, the “Exfoliating Polish” that works as a 2-in-1 facial cleanser, the “Overnight Hand Therapy” that is an anti-aging moisturizer for your hands, the “Love Your Lips” lip balm to moisturize and firm your lips, and the “Day and Night Brilliance” anti-aging moisturizer. This bundle not only gets you a discount on the individual products, but you’ll also receive free shipping! 

SeraTopical also offers topical products for pain relief, such as their “Rapid Soothing Crème Roll-On” for joint pain in your legs and feet or their “Pedi Care Foot Relief Spray,” which soothes aches and pains in the feet. 

A Personalized Gift Bag 

Be original and show her you care by making her one of these romantic gift sets. First, pick a theme such as “together forever” or, if that’s too intense, something small like an inside joke. Then, it’s time to start adding items to your gift bag. Whether it’s an expensive piece with real diamonds and gold or a budget-conscious crystal to let her know you want her to be centered, start with a piece of jewelry that suits her personality (and/or your love for her) perfectly. Next, get her favorite candy. Whether it’s Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s, Skittles, Sour Straws, a super elegant brand of chocolate, or a combination of these. Then – get her flowers. If it’s for a lover on Valentine’s Day, consider red roses. 

If you know, she hates cliches, gets flowers that are unique such as tulips, orchids, carnations, sunflowers, daisies, or succulents. For the best flowers grown eco-friendly, check out Bouqs, where the florists pride themselves on sustainability and having a special relationship with their growers. If it’s your first time ordering your sweetie flowers, be sure to include a vase for her to keep them in. Bonus tip: Consider getting flowers that match the jewelry you got her.

Lastly, add something only you know she’d like. Maybe it’s a silly stuffed animal, a framed picture from a special occasion, a particular snack food you shared while watching that bad movie that one time, or a knick-knack from your first trip together. The most important thing is to show her you care and to make more memories.

A Romantic Getaway

Let’s be honest — once travel restrictions are lifted, you’re going to want to travel. Likely, you will want to travel somewhere exotic, but with options for social distancing. You can choose from a private yacht, luxury cruises, and the best Vilamoura boat trips through Lux Charters by booking online. This way, you can have the safest good time alone with your sweetheart on a boat out at sea. 

Whether it’s sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Algarve, visiting the Benagil cave (or kayak into this famous cave), trying to stand up paddleboard for the first time; or snuggling on deck; your trip is sure to be a romantic getaway you won’t soon forget. When looking for boat charters and a private boat in Vilamoura, Lux Charters is the top pick for a great time on your whole trip. Surround yourself with the glorious cliffs while your hired skipper guides you along the shore.

COVID-19 Travel Considerations: According to the U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Portugal, U.S. citizens traveling to Portugal for non-essential travel is currently prohibited. Before planning your trip check with the Portuguese Embassy Consulate.

Weighted Blanket 

If your sweetie sometimes has trouble sleeping or feels anxious (or both), consider getting them a weighted blanket. An article from Harvard Health Publishing from 2019 notes that, while there isn’t any scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of using a weighted blanket to treat insomnia and anxiety, they have been used as “sensory tools” in psychiatric units for a long time. The reality is that a weighted blanket won’t treat anxiety or insomnia necessarily, but if it’s “hug-like” effect helps you sleep and feel relaxed, why not try one? 

Weighted blankets have become so popular over the years that they now come in varying weights, colors, fabrics, and sizes. So, you can either get them one of their own or get one big enough for the whole bed. Show your significant other that you care about their comfort and peace of mind.

Warning: Dr. Cristina Cusin (an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School), who was interviewed for the article does warn that those with sleep apnea, certain sleep disorders, respiratory problems, and children should ask their doctors before using a weighted blanket. Serious issues with anxiety or sleep disturbances should always be discussed with your doctor.

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