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Road trips. Expectation vs reality

We’ve all seen those awesome movies where the lead characters jump into their car and hit the open road. Their windows down and the music turned all the way up. Dust blowing out behind them as the camera pans to incredible scenery, they pull into a cute motel and get into all kinds of adventures along the way. No worries, no plans just memories, comedy and even a splash of romance if the theme allows. 

It’s one of the reasons that most of us plan to take a road trip of our own. Gather up your friends and enjoy the freedom that comes with driving along the highway. But, are road trips really like they are in the movies? Here we’ll take a look at the expectation vs reality of hitting the open road.

Dangerous roads

Expectation: The roads are mostly empty. They’re simply long straight lines with no one around for miles! 

Reality: Semi-trucks, drunk drivers, tailgating and highways that are notorious for fatal accidents and dangerous drivers. What is the leading cause of fatal accidents on I-10? Click the link to find out. Highways are rarely barren and empty places and as such road-trippers should expect to be on high alert and have to drive defensively throughout their journey – if they want to avoid a crash.

No planning required

Expectation: Just get in the car and drive. You’ll figure it out later!

Reality: Not knowing where you’re going or planning your route is an incredibly bad idea. Not only do you run the risk of getting lost, but if you get into car trouble, how are you going to know where you are to ask for help? You’re also going to need to pack supplies, maps, have enough money to get you food and gas, as well as being able to change a tyre and completing basic maintenance on your vehicle! 

You can leave your life behind

Expectation: Just you alone, or you and your friends. No bosses, no annoying parents or responsibilities. You can let go and kick back for a while.

Reality: Your life is just a few smartphone taps away. Emails, phone calls, calendar reminders. Not forgetting everything you’ll be uploading to social media; you’ll find it incredibly difficult to take a real step back from your life. Especially if you’re using your phone to navigate! 

You can spend time with your friends!

Expectation: Laughs, reliving old memories and making new ones, great fun! 

Reality: They won’t commit to coming along. When they do, they won’t help out with the driving. Want to choose the music. Backseat driving. You argue. You’re stuck in the car with them for hours with no escape.

In conclusion…

Road trips aren’t accurately portrayed in the movies. If you want to have a successful one – make sure you do plenty of pre-planning!

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