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Revealed: How to Post on Instagram From Mac

Do you love Instagram, but hate posting photos and videos from the tiny screen on your phone? Then learn how to post on Instagram from Mac by following the tips below. Before that, I’d like to recommend you GetInsta. It is a great app that helps you to build your Instagram following.

As of June 2019, Instagram had about a billion active users. This makes Instagram the most popular photo social app to date. Apart from being a platform to post pics, Instagram has also been an incredible marketing tool for businesses. If you are looking to grow your Instagram following you can look into services like Social Envy. They provide a safe Instagram growth service that utilizes manual engagement strategies and no ‘bots’. You can also do some online research via fabulous sites like Growthoid that can educate you on 2021’s best Instagram bots to use in order to help build your page and following. They explain the process perfectly and they explain the importance of not using Instagram bots in order to grow your following but rather their manual method which provides better results in the end.

The Instagram mobile app is what most people use for Instagram, but the desktop version is just as good. On your desktop, you can view posts from everyone you follow, like the photos, and even comment on them, but you can’t post a pic. So the biggest problem for most Instagram users is how to post on Instagram from Mac.

To be fair, Instagram doesn’t allow you to post pics on all desktop platforms, not just Mac. Posting on your desktop has a couple of advantages over posting on your smartphone. First, you have a much larger screen, and secondly, you won’t get tired typing really long captions for your photos.

Fortunately, there is a way around this tiny problem through third-party applications, browser secrets, and desktop hacks. Read on and find out how you can post pics on Instagram via your Mac.

A Couple of Ways to Post on Instagram From Mac

Scrolling through Instagram pics on your Mac is amazing. The pictures look extra vibrant on the retina display. Your next move would be to upload your pic to see how it would look on your Mac’s display.

That’s where you get kind of stuck because you can’t see the upload button. It’s not the internet connection or your Mac, it’s the app itself. You can’t upload pictures to Instagram from your Mac, but fortunately, here are a few ways to bypass this small hurdle.

Uploading Photos via Google Chrome

Most people prefer Google Chrome for their internet browsing. If this describes you, then here’s what to do when you want to post on Instagram from your Mac:-

1)Open Chrome and go to the Instagram site and enter your login details to log into your Instagram.

2)On the top menu click on view then on the dropdown pane click on developer then developer tools

3)The developer tools sidebar has an icon that looks like a phone or tablet, click on this icon

4)When you click on the icon, the Instagram site instantly changes to the smartphone version. If things don’t look familiar, then consider changing the phone model on the menu at the top of your screen.

5)Now just find the upload icon and upload your pics to Instagram through your Mac. A little disclaimer, you have access to all the filters, but you, unfortunately, can’t use any of the editing tools.

6)After that, you can now post your pic, and it will appear on your Instagram page like it usually does on your smartphone.

However, with Chrome, the uploading stops at photos, don’t expect to upload any videos. Also, because you don’t have access to editing tools, you can’t crop out unwanted parts of your photo.

Posting to Instagram Through Safari

Safari is Mac’s default browser. Most folks prefer using Chrome over Safari, but uploading on Instagram is easier on Safari than on Chrome. So once you open up Safari, here’s what you do next:-

1)Click on Safari, then preferences, then Mac.

2)Go to the advanced menu and click on show advanced menu

3)Go to the Instagram site

4)Here’s the somewhat tricky bit. On the top menu, find develop, then user agent, then Safari, and lastly, click the latest version of iOS.

5)Once you do that, your Instagram appears just as it would on your iPhone. You can then proceed to upload your photos, just as you would on your smartphone Instagram

Just like when you upload on Chrome, Safari also has some limitations to it.

*You can’t upload videos or galleries for that matter

*Once again, you are only limited to filters but can’t edit your photos

*You can upload to stories but only photos and not videos

Using a Third-Party App Like Hopper HQ

There are a few third-party apps that allow you to post on Instagram from your Mac. Hopper HQ is an example of an app that allows you to do so. Hopper HQ is also a scheduling app meaning you can schedule when you want the app to post your photos at a later time.

To post on Instagram using Hopper HQ, here’s what you do:-

1)First, you need to create an account with Hopper HQ. Once you do so, you go to Hopper HQ app and log into your account.

2)Once you log in, you’ll see your dashboard, where you can upload pics to your Instagram.

3)Go to the top left corner and click on create posts. Once you click on this, a window opens with an option for posting individual photos or as many as fifty photos at once.

4)The good thing about Hopper HQ is that you can post pics from anywhere.  You can upload photos from your device, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, among other places. This feature saves you the hassle of downloading photos from the cloud so you can upload them on Instagram.

5)You might have the tiny issue where your photo isn’t Instragrammable.  This means your photo can’t fit on Instagram. Hopper HQ has a tool to correct this automatically so you can upload it successfully.

6)After getting the photo size correct, you can now make any edits or apply filters on your photos. After doing so, you’re now ready to post your photo. You can either post the photo or photos now, save the photo as a draft, or schedule to post later.

7)Hopper HQ has an easy-to-understand user interface, and you can check everything on the dashboard once you log in. From here, you can check your Instagram page, all the photos in your drafts, and also all the scheduled photos.

Now that’s all there is to uploading a photo to Instagram on your Mac. Next, you might want to know how to check messages on Instagram from your Mac. That’s because the desktop version of Instagram also doesn’t allow direct messaging.

Uploading to Instagram via Mac Is a Breeze

Next time you want to post on Instagram from Mac, you don’t have to stress. Follow the simple steps discussed above, and you’re good to go.

If you want to avoid the limitations that browsers like Chrome and Safari put on your Instagram uploading, then consider third-party apps.  However, only use trusted third-party apps because other apps may use your information for the wrong purposes.

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