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Relaxing & Driving: Tips To Avoid DUI Behind The Wheel

There is no social gathering without indulging in relaxing habits. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a pint of beer or winding down with medical marijuana among friends,this can become an issue when you need to drive. 

Both alcohol and cannabis consumption slows down your reflexes, which can have devastating consequences on the road. Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in car crashes involving DUI. Additionally, if you are caught at the wheel with a high level of either in your blood, you are going to face alcohol or marijuana DUI charges. So what can you do to reduce risks? 

High stress and anxiety in society

A hectic lifestyle, financial issues, and long working days, all contribute to increasing stress levels on a day-to-day basis. More and more Americans report chronic stress and anxiety disorders, for which they often seek medication. Medical marijuana in smaller doses has proven helpful for those coping with anxiety disorders, encouraging feelings of relaxation and sociability. 

In equally small doses, alcohol can also be a nice way to relax after a long week while enjoying a glass of wine or two. The key with these substances is to maintain small doses, which can help the nervous system calm down.

Plan your gatherings at home

If you are planning an event with friends, the easiest way to prevent driving at the end of a catch-up evening is to host the party at home. As a host, you need to be considerate and prepare guest bedrooms for friends who may be staying over. The reason for this is simple: You want to ensure that friends who drink or consume marijuana don’t have to sit at the wheel after the party. 

This also gives you a chance to nudge friends who tend to rely too much on alcohol or medical marijuana for relaxation. In a casual and safe environment, they are less likely to depend on substances to wind down. 

Prepare a relaxing meal 

Can food have a relaxing effect on the nervous system? This might come as a surprise, but you can actively choose foods that can help decrease stress and anxiety. So, if you are planning a social gathering with friends, make sure to prepare an anxiety-relief menu too. 

Protein-rich diets can be very effective for your health. Protein encourages muscle healing and growth, which is why it is a favorite for recovery after an accident or for gym-goers. But there is more to protein than meets the eye. Protein helps avoid processed foods and sugar, which are prone to trigger anxiety. A specific protein, BDNF, is linked to the reduction of depression and anxiety issues in the brain. Protein can also support the production of dopamine, which is associated with mental health. 

Bringing healthy and natural ingredients to the dinner table, such as a combination of fatty fish served with vegetables and pumpkin seeds and a dessert involving dark chocolate, can significantly increase your guests’ protein intake. You can help create a relaxing atmosphere with a soothing playlist and slightly dimmed lighting. These little gestures can go a long way in encouraging your guests to feel less stressed. 

We live in stressful times. People struggle to relax at the end of the day, and many choose to rely on substances during gatherings. Consumed in moderation, some substances can be helpful. Yet, they are dangerous if you intend to drive.