Are You Ready To Become A Pug Owner?

Are You Ready To Become A Pug Owner?

It is common knowledge among dog lovers that pugs are one of the cutest and most fun to own breeds. Adopting a pug can be the fulfillment of a dream for many dog owners! Yet there are some key rules and tips that you need to know of before you take the great jump and join many others in welcoming a sweet pug puppy in your home. Adopting a dog is a life-changing decision, so it is important to make the right choice for your lifestyle. It is even more important to understand exactly all the requirements and health related issues of your darling pet, because you want to give all the love, food, fun and care it needs.

pug11Pug by Flickr (https://flic.kr/p/dRSGQk)

Are Pugs Right For You?

This is a valid question. You may find your jumper with a pug print on it hugely cute but this is not enough to say that you truly love pugs. If you are an avid reader of celebrities gossips, you will have seen many pictures of your favorite star holding a pug in their arms, such as Paris Hilton with her rescue pug Mugsy. Let me stop you right here. Pugs are naturally full of energy. They are not easy-going dogs that you can drop in your handbag when you go to town. Being very intelligent and full of fun, pugs enjoy playing. It’s often part of their temperament, so you will find yourself throwing balls at your darling pet, or playing chase in the house. But beware of playful puppies! Pugs are small, but they will leave a rather impressive wave of destruction in their path when they are untrained. Don’t leave your favorite heels out, that’s all I’m saying! They also require specific care and treatment to stay healthy, so you need to be ready to invest time to keep your pet fit and happy. Pugs are no easy maintenance company, they are an animal for which you have to care. It’s a good idea to read about those little dogs and their quirks before you decide to adopt one.

pug2Image by Flickr (https://flic.kr/p/g3dfti)

Understand What Your Pug Needs

Pugs have specific needs that are common to the breed. While their wrinkles are one their most adorable features, wrinkles bring them also a lot of healthy troubles if they are not looked after properly.  The skin of your pug can easily get dry and itchy skin.

The wrinkles on the face is where your pug is most likely to develop rashes. So you want to take extra care of these and to clean them regularly.

Additionally, you need to think of your pug as a newcomer to the family. It is indispensable to establish a loving and caring relationship with your new friend from the moment you have chosen to adopt it. So start by getting your house ready for the arrival of an animal. Pet-proof every room to make sure that your pug doesn’t get accidentally hurt, or that your favorite shoes get suddenly chewed!

Pug Food

If you have had other dogs in the past, or if you still have other dogs, you need to be aware that they may not be needing the same type of food. Here is a little guide on how to choose the best food for your pug to make sure that you’re ready to welcome your new pet at home.



  • Tamra Phelps

    Pugs are so cute, but I have heard of the health issues that you mentioned. You definitely need to be prepared for that if you get a Pug!

  • Jana Williams

    Aw Thanks So Much for Sharing this Awesome Post on Pugs, I Really Appreciate it! I Think Pugs are Just Adorable, With Their Cute Little Wrinkly Faces & Big Eyes! I Used to Want to Get a Pug but I have 3 Pets Now That I Adopted, I Have 2 Cats & a Dachshund! Thanks Again for Sharing Though & Maybe One Day I Will Be Able to Get a Pug & These Tips Will Come in Handy! Have a Blessed day My Friend! – Jana

  • Susan Biddle

    Yes, yes, YES! I love my pug friends SO much. My older pug, Mocha is 20 now and my younger one is almost 9. They are the most loyal, intelligent, adorable, cuddly creatures on the planet. Btw your Shadow is just gorgeous!

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I had a pug years ago and I just loved her. As you know they struggle with some breathing issues. I had her in Michigan. When we moved to Florida I brought her along. She really struggled with the weather. I sent her back to my mom who just spoiled her. She was a great pet. Thank you for sharing this information

  • Kelly

    Pugs are so stinking cute! But you are right to point out they are not for everyone. We were going to get one, but we move around a lot. Because of their squished little faces, their respiratory system does not work super great, so living in different altitudes can be an issue. Or at least that is what a vet told me.

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