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Protect Your Eyes With Thin Optics & Their Blue Light Blocker Reading Glasses

In this day and age we are all on our computers, laptops, tablets and phones which is why it is important to ensure you are protecting your eyes when viewing all of the devices that you use. If you are experiencing headaches, sleep loss, eye strain and or dry, tired eyes… you need to protect those eyes as these issues are a result of the blue light that is being emitted from your devices. It is so important to protect and maintain eye health and to also to avoid discomfort and fatigue which is where my favorite reading glasses with Blue Light Blockers from Thin Optics come in. Thin Optics are the worlds thinnest reading glasses that make the best and most convenient of reading glasses and the best part… they come with a portable case that is designed to be with you anywhere and everywhere.

Thin Optics

One of the reasons I love Thin Optics Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Glasses is that the glasses are made out of optical-grade polycarbonate plastic which are made to ensure that they are durable and provide constant clear vision. Most reading glasses that you find at your local drugstore have lenses made from acrylic which makes them prone to scratching and breakage.

I also love that Thin Optics Reading Glasses are designed to be lightweight. Their lightweight design makes them super comfortable for me as traditional thick framed reading glasses give me headaches after wearing them for a bit and that is not the case with Thin Optics. I can wear my Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Reading Glasses all day and have no issues with them pressing the side of my head and temples which means no headaches.

Thin Optics

Another thing I love about Thin Optics is that they have tons of style to choose from as well as various colors of frames too. The Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Glasses + Connect Case were my favorite and I chose the black frames with 0 reading strength for working on the computer and I chose another pair of Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Glasses with 1.5 reading strength for when I am reading a book or anything with small print.

Thin Optics

I love that Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Glasses help to reduce eye strain from blue-light emitting devices and while being lightweight and comfy to wear. I also love that they come with a sleek, 6mm thin connect case. It is super cool and the glasses fit perfectly into the case. This case is designed like no other as it can easily attach and detach from any of your blue light emitting devises via ultra-strong magnetic technology which makes keeping them around so you can use them whenever you need them a breeze. The case is everything and I pop it onto the back of my iPad and the magnet makes it stick right on so they are there anytime I am using the device. They can even connect and stay in place on the back if your phone!

Thin Optics

So what do you think? Are you on the hunt for a new pair of reading glasses that have Blue Light Blocker protection? Maybe you just need Blue Blocker Glasses with no reading strength? Thin Optics has you covered. They have tons of designs and colors to choose from and they are the best of the best due to their fabulous thin profile design and connector case that ensures the glasses are with you whenever you need them. Check out Thin Optics today for your self and begin protecting those eyes for your blue-light emitting devices PLUS save 30% on your order today!

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  • Eric Gamble

    This is very interesting because I never really thought that the blue light emitting from my devices was the reason my eyes were “Tired”. I am 46 now and recently my eyes have been a bit more blurry in the morning after I just wake up. I have never had nor ever needed glasses before and dont really like things on my face. But since I am getting older a pair of Blue Light Blockers from Thin Optics as computer readers might help my eyes from declining as fast or even at all.

  • wen budro

    Those sound like a great and useful product. I would love to try them because I spend too much time on my laptop. I love that they are lightweight.

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