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Practical Tips To Reclaim Your Sleep This Summer

Summer brings bright and sunny days when you can spend time outdoors, plan backyard parties, and enjoy fun-filled vacations. The days are longer, so you can fit much more into your daily routine. On the downside, you may miss out on precious hours of sleep due to a change in your circadian rhythm. The heat may get oppressive enough to keep you awake on some nights regardless of the optimal indoor temperatures. Moreover, you may experience disruption during long flights and hectic vacations. 

You can well imagine how the cycle may eventually lead to insomnia, and it can affect your well-being. Having a plan to deal with sleep woes is a good way to clean up your schedule this season. You should consider natural ways to do it, as switching to medication can have dire implications down the line. Let us share some practical tips to reclaim your sleep this summer. 

Check the temperature 

High temperatures and humidity are the most common reasons for missing out on sleep in the hot weather. It is easy to address the concern by checking the temperature in your bedroom and ensuring it is optimal. Check what works for you because a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in this context. Consider upgrading to a more powerful HVAC system if the current one does not cool enough. It is a worthy investment to sleep better despite the heat. Keep the windows shut and switch to heat-blocking curtains to keep the heat out. They will also prevent daylight from entering the room and disrupting your slumber in the morning. 

Invest in a fan

Investing in a fan is a less expensive way to manage the bedroom temperature. It can boost the cooling of your HVAC system and curb the humidity factor that causes extreme discomfort. You can opt for a ceiling installation or position a table fan on your bedside table or a standing one at the end of the bed. The cool wafts of air ensure better sleep even on the hottest and most humid nights. But ensure that the fan is not too noisy as the loud humming sound can keep you awake. 

Ensure comfort

Besides maintaining an optimal temperature in your bedroom, you must also ensure comfort. Your clothing is the best place to start when it comes to the comfort factor. Wear lightweight cotton clothes that do not stick to your skin if you sweat in bed. Steer clear of heavy or synthetic material in bed linen as they can also feel hot and uncomfortable. Choose light hues in decor elements as they appear soothing to the eye and create a cool ambiance in your bedroom. 

Try cannabis as a natural sleep aid

Although you may want to pop a pill to reclaim your sleep in summer, it is the worst way to deal with the situation. Sleeping pills have far-reaching side effects, and they may even make you habitual. Try cannabis as a natural alternative because it is scientifically proven to help with insomnia. You can pick an indica variant like the white truffle strain as it induces feelings of relaxation and calmness. The good thing about cannabis is that it also helps relieve pain, soreness, and stress, which are more likely to happen in the hot summer months.

Indulge in a relaxing bath

Integrating a long, relaxing bath into your bedtime routine is another way to deal with summer insomnia. You can even try a short shower if time runs short. A soak or shower lowers your body temperature and relaxes your muscles. Infusing your bathtub with cooling essential oils also does wonders for your sleep routine. You can even explore cannabis bath bombs for the same purpose. You can follow it with a cup of herbal tea or lukewarm milk to elevate the effects and set yourself up for a sound slumber. 

Stay active during the day

The long summer days can make you lazy and restless, and you may want to take a short nap in the afternoon. You may find yourself taking a shut-eye during lunch break at work. But even a short one during the day can affect your bedtime schedule. Avoid daytime naps, no matter how lazy you feel. You can listen to a song, talk to a friend, or play a game when laziness hits. Also, commit to staying active during the day. A regular workout schedule sounds impossible during the hot weather, but you can opt for morning walks and evening swims to stay active. 

Eat light and right

A regular exercise routine keeps your sleep on track, but the right diet also makes a difference. Warm milk, fatty fish, almonds, walnuts, tart cherries, and chamomile tea are some foods and drinks that help in inducing better sleep. Conversely, you must avoid caffeine after the evening as it can keep you awake. Remember to eat a light dinner and skip eating anything a couple of hours before bedtime. Ditching alcohol and smoking also helps keep insomnia at bay. 

Follow a regular sleep-wake schedule

Working on your sleeping space and routine help, but it is equally crucial to rework your schedule and follow it regularly. Using the longer daylight hours as an excuse to miss out on your eight hours in bed is a bad idea. Prioritize adequate sleep, even if you have to force yourself to get into bed before you want. The last thing you should do is let weekends and outings disrupt your daily schedules. Having a structured and consistent routine keeps stress and insomnia at bay, so commit to following it throughout the season. 

Finally, embrace positive bedtime rituals like reading, listening to soft music, and ditching your cell phone. Meditation and deep breathing sessions at bedtime can relax your body and mind and ensure quality sleep. Remember to follow these rituals throughout the year to get enough rest in bed. The effort is worthwhile because quality sleep is a key to good health, and you must not miss out on it.