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Popular Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery that Women are Choosing

Getting cosmetic surgery to look more attractive or to resolve blemishes on the skin that women are unhappy with is a service in high demand. Similarly, plastic surgery to enhance what’s already present such as breast augmentation surgery remains popular with many more women finding these surgeries worth investing in to look prettier or more eye-catching.

In this article, we look at a few of the different types of cosmetic and plastic surgery that are currently sought after by women.

Breast Augmentation/Enlargement

A breast enlargement is one of the most common plastic surgeries with more than 300,000 completed annually in the United States. There are both medical reasons and personal reasons for having a breast augmentation.
Personal reasons are the most common. Women who suffer from a lack of confidence due to their smaller breasts are often candidates for enlargement surgery. This is something they’ve gotten self-conscious about to a point where it’s affecting their confidence and it’s getting in the way of their daily lives.

Some women choose to have one or both of their breasts removed due to potential cancerous tissue found and then once given the all clear, have a breast augmentation to give them a regular bust again. Breast augmentation is a big step to every woman, so it’s important you get the right consultation from plastic surgeons. Study the procedure and prepare the things you need to do before the surgery.

A consultation with a plastic surgeon will be conducted to discuss the patient’s reasons for requesting a surgery. They will talk about subjects like why she wants the surgery, what size she’s looking for, and whether she’s previously had breast biopsies and what was the outcome of those? The medical facility is wanting to determine whether the patient is of sound mind when making the request. Some women who the surgeon feels are just too young or their breasts are still developing get turned away and told to return when they’re older. Breast enlargement surgery is right for many women, but clearly not everyone.

There are different procedures depending on what the patient wants and what’s most appropriate. These include going in through the armpit under the muscle, cutting around the areola or at the bottom underside of the boob. Each procedure has its pros and cons, cost differences, recuperation time and final aesthetic.

It’s important to find a good surgeon that has a good bedside manner. The team at Columbus Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery certainly fit the bill in this regard. They have considerable surgical experience and come highly recommended.

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions are less common, but an equally valid procedure to have. Mostly this is chosen by women who find that their natural breast size is just too heavy and cumbersome. The most common complaint is the pressure it puts on their back, which causes pain on an ongoing basis. Sometimes it helps to wear a more supportive bra, which usually makes it less painful, but that only partly resolves the matter. Other times, there’s a concern that the breasts being larger will sag excessively later in life and the woman prefers not to wait that long to find out.

For actresses in Hollywood, there’s a noticeable trend to have a breast reduction to make their lives more manageable. Amber Rose is currently considering having a reduction as per her Instagram feed. Young actress Ariel Winter underwent the surgery to reduce from a 34D to a more acceptable 32F. She’s since said that it was a weight off her, no pun intended. Queen Latifah had a reduction back in 2003 too.

A breast reduction surgery is carried out by cutting away both the skin on the breasts and tissue inside. When the breast is made smaller, it needs reshaping to create a pleasing appearance. The areolas are usually reduced in size to better fit the smaller final breast size and are repositioned higher on the breasts to look more centered.

There is some discomfort and eventual scaring with the procedure due to the cutting away of skin and sewing up with sutures. The degree of scarring is related to how much smaller the boobs will be compared to their original size.

The amount of pain after the operation is not usually as much as patients tend to expect. However, this is often balanced out by the weight lifted off their breasts and back pain that usually goes away in time too. The recovery time is usually a couple of weeks.


Liposuction is used by women to reduce areas of their body where there are significant fat deposits. An instrument is inserted into the area to suck out some of the fat to reduce bulges there.
There are two liposuction procedures to choose from when deciding to go for a slenderer appearance.

The first is tumescent lipo and it’s the most popular option. With this procedure, a saline solution is added inside the body which acts to change how blood vessels work. A surgical agent is administered to make the area numb (epinephrine or lidocaine) and then the patient is ready for surgery. While in the operating theater, a metal tool known as a cannula is inserted. This will help suck out both saline liquid and fat. One side effect with this treatment protocol is that fluid is held inside the body giving a bloated appearance until it is passed in less than a week.

The Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction approach uses ultrasound energy waves to make the fat melt from a solid to a liquid form, so it can be sucked out of the body. This procedure is riskier, and the operation has a longer duration. There are additional risks with the process including a possible burning feeling both externally and internally.

It’s typical that liposuction patients need 1-2 weeks of time off work to complete the healing process before getting back to a normal schedule.


Getting a facelift is something that older women look at positively to regain a more youthful appearance. It’s hoped that a facelift will take off a decade in terms of looks when the face has fully healed.

The general idea with a facelift is to address skin that’s slowly been sagging on the face. Skin loses its elasticity and strength over time, which is what causes the aged look. By making incisions, moving the skin upwards and applying sutures, the face can remove jowls near the jawline, and other issues. However, it’s not a surgery that specifically deals with wrinkles or crow’s feet around the eyes. Yet, it will help to change the rate at which new wrinkles appear.

There’s not only a full facelift but also a mini one that addresses only specific areas of the face and not everything that’s visible. A facelift doesn’t permanently stop aging at all. It addresses the current sagging skin on the face to lift it up, but that doesn’t prevent – only temporarily slow down – the continued aging of the skin that causing the sagging to happen. Most people who have a facelift require another one a decade or more later to try to hold back the appearance of time on their face. If a facelift is not for you many women consider Botox injections as it is minimally invasive and fast. Different to a facelift, each treatment has its positives and negatives and its important you do your research behind either before committing to your favorite solution, whether this be a facelift or some botox injections.


A blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure where the eyelids are reshaped. This is usually done because the eyelids are partially hanging over the eyes obscuring their vision. The eyelid skin can either be too large to begin with or sags as a sign of age and benefits from being cut back.

For patients who also have wrinkling or a puffy appearance at the lower section of their eyelids, this is mostly resolved during surgery. The lower lid procedure is usually part of the blepharoplasty to remove bags under the eyes.

The procedure takes at least 10-14 days to recover from initially, but swelling is normal and recedes gradually over the unfolding months that follow.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a separate procedure to give the breasts a better position and orientation. The idea is to stop them sagging and make them appear perkier than they did before. You can find out more about breast lifts by visiting – https://broadwayplasticsurgery.com/breast-lift/.

Breast size in women fluctuates over time. This is especially true after significant weight loss which can result in a woman losing several bra sizes and potentially having misshaped breasts. Pregnancy can also change the appearance of the breasts after giving birth. Alternatively, gravity and the result of age bring the boobs to a lower position and downward pointing, which is undesirable for most women.

An uplift procedure doesn’t directly aim to address size differences between each breast. However, some women choose to combine an uplift procedure with breast implants (saline or silicone, usually) to both lift the breasts upwards and balance out the size between the two breasts. This is because women do not lose weight on each breast uniformly. When having implants, the surgeon can insert different size implants to test out how it looks to get the right balance for a centralized, even-sized bust.

The recovery period is usually a couple of weeks, but physical activity is restricted for a month or longer to let the breasts heal up completely and avoid any health problems.

For people considering surgery of any kind, it’s worth thinking seriously about it before proceeding. This way, you know it’s the right decision for you and can make positive choices for your future.

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