Savvy Pet Tips

Pet-friendly dining: How to make it work for your family 

It would be fair to say that the thought of dining out with pets would have almost been laughed out of the room at one point in time. 

Well, times have changed, and more restaurants and bars are on top of it than ever before

Furthermore, it’s not just the countryside establishments that allow furry friends to pull up a chair – this is even extending to the capital

Of course, as a pet owner, there are various ways to approach this. Through today’s guide, we’ll take a look at some of the things you should consider before you bring your canine friend along for your next restaurant experience. 

Is your dog really prepared for this? 

Let’s be honest; this isn’t an experience that will be suitable for all dogs. Generally speaking, if your pet can keep themselves to themselves for an hour or two – you’ll be fine. 

However, if you have a dog with anything but table manners and perhaps shows a general distaste for other dogs – you might have a problem. 

Just remember, just because a restaurant permits dogs into their establishment, this doesn’t mean to say that you don’t have a responsibility to ensure your canine friend behaves appropriately! 

Understand what the restaurant allows 

Generally speaking, restaurants have different rules and regulations regarding pets. Some might only allow them in the outdoor seating area, whereas others will be a little more lax. Quite often, the bar areas receive the majority of canine visitors – with the restaurant element strictly off-limits. 

You must understand these before you turn up with your pet in tow. After all, if outdoor seating is all what is allowed, the last thing you want to do is rock up on a rainy day. 

Choose the right time 

Trying to dine with your pet during peak times will be a nightmare. Not only will the restaurant be incredibly busy, but there will also be many people around – which might not be ideal for your pet. 

Instead, try and visit the establishment during the quieter periods. This way, you can avoid any stressful situations. 

Make sure they’re fed beforehand 

This is a crucial one. If your pet is hungry, they’re going to be a lot more likely to beg for food – which is going to be a nightmare for both you and the restaurant staff. 

Instead, ensure you’ve fed them a good meal before leaving the house. This way, they’ll be far less likely to try and steal your food. Or, even worse, someone else’s! 

Don’t forget the basics 

Even if your pet is the most well-behaved animal in the world, you mustn’t forget the basics

This means bringing along things like their lead, poo bags, and perhaps even some treats to keep them occupied. 

Again, all the responsibility is still on you – regardless of a restaurant’s pet-friendly policies.