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The Perfect Cup Of Coffee is Possible with Wakey Wakey from Java Factory Roasters! @javafactory

The Perfect Cup Of Coffee is Possible with Wakey Wakey from Java Factory Roasters!

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Java Factories Wakey Wakey Light Roast Coffee provides a delicious cup of perfectly roasted coffee each and every time. It is simply delicious and I was so excited to try this particular Java Factory roast out as it was perfect for my husband. He love a really good light roast or even decaf coffee and the Wakey Wakey light roast did not disappoint. He seriously loves it and I have to say that I am someone who traditionally likes a dark roast and a really strong cup of coffee and I love this roast too! This KCup provides a delicious cup of coffee that even I can love… so it is the perfect blend for my entire household. Everyone loves it and enjoys it so this will now be a “must have” blend for my kitchen. It satisfies every coffee drinker in the house and is perfect for all!

And now a bit about this delicious product from Java Factory Roasters. The Wakey Wakey KCup is a light roast coffee that has a crisp and delicious coffee flavor. It is made from 100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee and the new filter system that is built in to each and every Java Factory KCup delivers more taste per cup. You will never compromise quality or taste when using these fabulous KCups. They are compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers including 2.0 brewers. Simply delicious and perfect for all. Check out all of Java Factory Roasters K-Cups here and try their delicious blends out for yourself and your family today!

So, Do You Have a Favorite Coffee That You Currently Use? Have You Tried Java Factory Roasters Before? Would You Like To? Well Tell Me All About It & As Always, Thank For Visiting Deliciously Savvy Today and Leave Some Comment Love While You Are Here!




  • Lynne B

    Your description of this coffee reminds me of one of my favorites – Dunkin Donuts. I’m not a connoisseur but I love a light roast and I love it light and sweet. This sounds yummy!

  • Ivonne Tarantino

    I am a bit of a coffee addict and love trying new blends to keep my Keurig nice and busy throughout the day! I’ll have to see what other blends they sell as I like a nice bold flavour!

  • Margaret Appel

    If I am making brewed coffee I usually go with whatever I have in the deep freeze. Otherwise I just use instant Folgers. I have a single cup Keurig machine that I use when I have some k-cups. I haven’t tried Java Factory Roasters before but would definitely like to. Nothing tho beats a cup of strong brewed coffee.

  • Jeanne Coulombe

    I am a big coffee drinker I drink it all day and night if it’s hot out I drink it cold and when it;s cold I drink it hot. I can’t live without my coffee . Would love to try your product

  • Lisa V.

    I love the flavors in the variety pack. THe vanilla cream and coconut sound liek the perfect way to start my mornings!

  • michele

    My favorite coffee is traditional French Roast and I use Folgers.. I have tried k-cups and that opened a new world of flavor for me.. I like the caramel and pumpkin spice at the holidays and red velvet at christmas…. This is a great giveaway and I would love to win it,, Good luck to all!

  • Jackie Reini

    This coffee sounds awesome! I drink coffee all day, and most of the night lol, and love trying new brands.

  • sheila ressel

    Love the name of this coffee! I don’t really have a favorite brand but I do like a medium roast coffee.

  • Quanda

    My hubby and I love to drink coffee each morning. And I love the fact that Java Factory’s coffee is made from 100% fresh roasted Arabica coffee! 🙂

  • jennifer bowen

    I love coffee just as if it’s not decaf and well this is some coffee I love to try. I had some decafe coffee to day since it was the only kind in the house and all day I was feeling as if I was not a wake untell just now and well i’m drinking non decaf so well i’m just starting to feel as if i’m a wake.

  • Cynthia C

    My usual coffee is either Starbucks or Berkley & Jensen from BJ’s. I would love to try Wakey-Wakey in my Keurig.

  • Sara DiPerri

    Coffee is essential to my existance…and to my kid’s existance! Haha. I am a mom, a professional childcare provider & wife.

  • Marisa Johnson

    I rely on coffee every morning. My daughter has to go to a special school that has a RN, and her bus now comes an hour early. I’m not used to waking up before 6, but now I have to. If it wasn’t for coffee, I wouldn’t be able to properly function in the morning.

  • Kelly

    This sounds perfect for me and my husband. I like a lighter roast and my husband likes a darker roast. I love that this could appeal to both of us. It sounds like a really nice coffee.

  • Fawn George

    I have tried several different types of coffee. So far my favorite is Gevalia Signature Blend. I have not tried Java Factory Roasters before, but would love to try it. Thanks

  • molli taylor

    i havbe fully embraced the k cups thing now, and i used to be very skeptical. this looks like a great way to wake up

  • Michele Cupp

    We don’t really have one favorite type of coffee. We tend to try a lot of new things. I did have some from Java Roasters once and remember we really liked it,, but then our Keurig broke and by the time we replaced it I forgot to order from them again, so I’ll have to do that.

  • Cheryl Everitt

    I have never drank coffee, but I really like to smell it brewing. With so many flavors I think I could become a convert. Wakey Wakey from Java Factory Roasters sounds like a good place to start. Thank you so much!

  • Emily Endrizzi

    I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself, but my fiancé is. He gets up super early for work in the mornings and has to have his morning coffee. I know he would love to try this!

  • Inez Cegelis

    Ok slightly embarrassing, but Ive been drinking instant since my recent move. Ive been shopping for a good coffee maker actually, maybe a Keurig is the way to go