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Pajamas that will keep you cool in the summer

It is really unpleasant to wake up in the middle of the night sticking to your PJ’s. No matter what the reason might be – busted air con, really hot climate, or if you are one of those hot-blooded people prone to sweating – the key to a good night sleep is finding the best pajamas that will keep you cool during the night.

The major question here is what are the best fabrics that will help keep you cool in the summer?

To answer that, let’s first start with those that are the complete opposite. There are many beautiful pajamas made from dense fabrics like silk, polyester, and flannel. Flannel is actually perfect for the cold months, due to its quality to help your body retain heat, but if you sweat a lot you have to forget about it. Polyester has many pros, but it isn’t for people who sweat at night. This is a synthetic material that doesn’t absorb the perspiration.

So the perfect fabrics for you are lightweight fabrics made from linen, lightweight cotton, bamboo, and any other moisture-wicking materials. Cotton is an ideal choice because it instantly wicks away moisture. It will keep your skin dry and cool. A good example of pima cotton pajamas is Pajamas for Peace. We spoke with the owner of the brand and here are some options she shared with us that will keep you cool in the summer:

A slinky pajama set

This stripped pajama set is ideal for lounging at home. It is also flirty, fun to wear, and made from 95 percent rayon (this is very absorbent fabric, that will get you to feel cool in summer nights).

A pajama set with a vented back

This set is made from rayon, lightweight jersey knit and features a tulip-back. This provides extra breathability. Actually, this pajama pair is really cute and comfortable.

Cotton Capri pajamas with cap sleeves

This option gives off that specific romantic feminine vibe that makes you want to pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset from your terrace. Cotton Capri pajamas are 100 % cotton made, which makes them perfect for sleeping in.

A polka dot and lace pajama pair

Those will not only keep you cool but at the same time, they are really soft. This set comes in polka dot and an ornate print, trimmed with lace.

A Modern bamboo cropped pajamas

The bamboo/cotton pajamas from The Kindred Studio are made from 66% Rayon from Bamboo, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex, and are highly breathable. They are perfect for you if you’re a night sweater because they can absorb moisture and leave it out of your body. That’s why those are great for the summer.

A business casual sleep shirt

This sleep shirt is a mix of on-trend shirting, three-quarter sleeve, and striped print. The loose-fit and lightweight knit make it ideal for the hot summer nights.

Bamboo fiber nightgown

This one is breathable, light, and wicks away moisture. It is also really ecological, due to the fact that it has a low water footprint.

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