Overnight Oats By Dave’s Naturals (Simple, Delicious, Awesome!)

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Overnight Oats By Dave’s Naturals (Simple, Delicious, Awesome!)

Deliciously Savvy received product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am truly interested in for myself and my family and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

 A delicious and hearty breakfast is hard to come by when it comes to my families hectic morning routine. There is so much to do each and every day that a truly healthy and satisfying breakfast can seem hard to achieve. Overnight Oats has become the perfect solution for us as we enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast that is ready when we wake up. I love that you simply prep the Overnight Oats the night before by simply topping off the oatmeal with milk. You simply put the lid back on, sit in the fridge and it is ready to go the next morning. That is it! I love it and you can eat it cold or you can pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up if you prefer.

The flavors are also so delicious. Cinnamon Raisin was my first choice as that has always been one of my favorite flavors for oatmeal. The Cinnamon Raisin Overnight Oats were more delicious that I could have imagined. The raisins were plump and delicious and the texture was creamy and simply put…. delicious. The Overnight Oats are also available in Apple Nut, Mixed Berry and my husband’s favorite…Blueberry Vanilla Almond.

Blueberry Almond Vanilla Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals

 Like waking up to fresh ripe blueberries and oatmeal on a summer morning with almonds, chia seeds, and vanilla to round out the flavor. 

Cinnamon Raisin Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals

The warming cinnamon scent of Cinnamon Raisin is enhanced with texture of chewy raisins and soft chia seeds. 

Apple Nut Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals

Like digging into Apple Pie for breakfast.  This hearty oatmeal is a flavorful combination of sweet apples, cinnamon, almonds, nourishing organic oats and oat bran, and chia seeds.

Mixed Berry Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals

Bursting with a bit of everything:  summertime blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and chia seeds make a lively oatmeal with a bit of crunch. 


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11 Replies to “Overnight Oats By Dave’s Naturals (Simple, Delicious, Awesome!)”

  1. I’d like the Cinnamon Raisin flavor. I could always add some walnuts or some other chopped nuts to the oatmeal too. I’ve always loved a cinnamon flavor in cereals 🙂

  2. I’m a fan of cinnamon raisin!

  3. The blueberry vanilla sounds great. I love the ease of having oatmeal ready when I get up!

  4. My favorite is the Blueberry Vanilla Almond because blueberry!

  5. Alberta Gentleman says:

    I love anything blueberry! I would love this just because it has blueberries in it but vanilla almonds too.. yum.

  6. gloria patterson says:

    did not know they had overnight oatmeal in cups…. need to look at my grocery store

  7. Great Giveaway, Overnight oats are always yummy!

  8. BARBARA SCOTT says:

    I like the cinnamom raisin, because i love the tast of them in my oatmeal.

  9. Jeri Bergstrom says:

    My fave is Cinnamon Raisin. I think it is a taste combo from God!

  10. Blueberry Vanilla Almond sounds really good to me.

  11. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    The Overnight Oats by Dave’s Naturals Cinnamon Raisin – A Hearty Breakfast of Warming Cinnamon, Chewy Raisins, Chia Seeds, and Whole Grain Oats sounds so delicious and healthy!

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