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Overcoming The Challenges Of A Digitally Connected Child

Parents have long debated about the right time to give a child access to the digital world. Some parents choose to give their children computers, phones, and other devices from a very young age, hoping that this will help them to learn how to use them properly before they are older. Other moms and dads take the opposite approach, though, only giving their little one’s tools like this when they are much older. Whichever side of the fence you are on, it always makes sense to work hard to keep your children safe when they finally gain access to a connected environment.


Learning is a crucial element of spending time online, with many people finding themselves getting into trouble when they don’t understand the web. This can happen to adults and children alike, and this often makes it worth giving yourself an education in online safety before you ever push your kids to learn the rules. This can be done through online courses, support groups, and even the other parents you know.


Most children will only want to use their devices so that they can talk to their friends. Unfortunately, though, the vast majority of online chat platforms don’t restrict a child’s access to the people their parent is happy for them to speak to. Finding a company that offers cell phone monitoring services like text monitoring, location tracking, and search history can be a good way to ensure that your little one isn’t talking to people that they shouldn’t. This is essential when your children are very young.


Some parents choose to place heavy restrictions on the websites and apps that their children aren’t allowed to use. This will usually be done with verbal rules and warnings, often pushing kids to find ways to visit the parts of the internet that they aren’t allowed to using deceptive means. Placing software restrictions on their phone can be a good way to overcome this, but it’s always worth being careful to make sure that you’re not restricting anything that they need to access to be able to have fun with their friends.


Honesty can be one of the most powerful tools for parents looking to make their children safer online. Not only do you need your child to be honest with you, though, but you also need to be honest with them. This can involve taking the time to explain why they need to be careful on the web, with some moms and dads choosing to go as far as telling their children about the bad things that can happen on the web. Of course, though, this is something you have to work through with your own rules in mind.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of living with a digitally connected child. No matter when you give your child access to the web, you always have to be careful to make sure that they are using it correctly.

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