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My Savvy Review Of The WORX 20V Power Share LeafJet Cordless Leaf Blower With Brushless Motor!

If you visit Deliciously Savvy often then you know that I love working in my yard, gardening and tending to it to keep it immaculate and beautiful as I feel amazing when pulling up to my home when everything looks good.  Also… If you visit often, then you also know that I use the best of the best when it comes to keeping my yard immaculate and my go too is WORX and their amazing line of tools for the home.. both indoors and out. I had the chance to try out the WORX 20V Power Share LeafJet Cordless Leaf Blower and I am in love! This thing is amazing and does an amazing job at blowing the leaves in our large yard and believe me….. we have A LOT of leaves all over as we live in the Pocono Mountains and there are trees everywhere. Let’s take a look at the many reasons that this Battery Operated Blower is a must have for everyone as it makes tending to the yard in the fall a breeze!

Battery Operated

WORX LeafJet Blower

I love WORX ad their amazing live of products. I have a few of there tools and they are now my go too for all of my household tool needs and forged reason… beau everything I have from them is amazingly made and I lOVE that they are battery powered. This 20V leaf blower performs better than my plug in model and it gets the job done in one charge! It’s high-performance battery-powered leaf blower that is a nice size is it is compact and I can use it with one hand.

Lightweight & Quiet

WORX LeafJet Blower

This fabulous leaf blower from WORX is ultra-lightweight which I love as my arms do not get tired and I can literally hold it with one hand since there is no cord to worry about. It I also very quiet as compared to plug in models and that I love too.

Amazing Performance

WORX LeafJet Blower

The WORX 20V Power Share LeafJet Cordless Leaf Blower performs beautifully. As I mentioned above this is more powerful than my old plug in model which speaks volumes as it is battery powered. It provides Sonic Turbine Fan Technology with a 410 CFM blower that has a high-efficiency brushless motor for higher power and extended run time as well as a longer life that ultimately delivers forceful, high-capacity air volume at 130 MPH. This is why this fabulous blower moves all of my leaves… we were gone for a week and came back to a driveway, yard and deck full of leaves and more drop daily. This powerful leaf blower make moving and blowing leaves a breeze.

WORX LeafJet Blower

This fabulous leaf blower from WORX has a Variable Air Control Nozzle that allows me to choose from high-volume or high-speed air for various applications. There are three levels on a turn switch and then when you need it… there is the turbo button that can handle anything you throw its way. Combine that with the dual air intake that pull in additional air for greater volume input and this thing moves the leaves with ease. I honestly used the leaf blower on the 1st and 2nd speeds and I moved all of those leaves… and I never used the Turbo button… it is that strong.

Power Share™ Batteries

WORX LeafJet Blower

I love WORX and their amazing tools for the home and yard as they are run by batteries and WORX batteries are made to be shared and used with the various WORX tools that you have on hand. The same battery powers over 75+ 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden and power tools in the Power Share™ family.  Add to that that the 2-Amp charger that the leaf bower comes with and that charges the 4.0Ah batteries in just 2 hours and the charge level indicator on the batteries let you know how much run time is left and this thing is a must have. As I mentioned above I was able to clean my driveway and deck before the batteries were too low. That says everything you need to know!

WORX LeafJet Blower

So what do you think of the WORX 20V Power Share LeafJet Cordless Leaf Blower!? Do you have lots of leaves to clean up in the fall like I do?! You totally need this leaf jet blower from WORX as it is amazing at what it does and it makes cleaning all of those leaves in may Yard a breeze. I actually enjoy going out and cleaning the yard now with this leaf blower as there is no cord to nether you and you can hold it with one hand due to its lightweight design and it is pretty quiet too as compared to my electric plug in model. Check out the WORX 20V Power Share LeafJet Cordless Leaf Blower today on the WORX website and check them out on social media too! You need this!

WORX GT Revolution


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