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My Savvy Review of the Waxing Kara Haute Mama Gift Set ~

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With Mother’s Day around the corner I am excited to share the perfect gift option that any mom will love and it is the Waxing Kara Haute Mama Gift Set! I am going to be snagging this gift set for my own mom as she will love all that this incredible set includes and she will most importantly love that all of these wonderful products are Bee Inspired! The Waxing Kara Farm is situated on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They do not produce crops or livestock in the traditional sense but rather they maintain hives of honeybees, rows of lavender, and acres of naturalized wildflowers. This allows them to responsibly harvest honey and flora to handcraft beauty products and edible goods straight from the hive and they are amazing!

Lets take a look at all the Waxing Kara Haute Mama Gift Set provides & keep in mind that the idea behind this set is that every mother loves chocolate! Each Haute Mama Gift Set Includes:

*Haute Cocoa Honey Body Butter

*Haute Cocoa Honey Body Scrub

*Peace on Earth Soy Tin Candle

*Sweet Lips Red Trio

*Honey Lollipop

*Haute Cocoa Face Mask Sample Size

Haute Cocoa Honey Body Butter

The first item you will find in the Haute Mama Gift Set is the Haute Cocoa® Body Butter. It provides rich moisture for the driest of skin in a warm, thick, chocolatey formulation. Especially perfect for combating flaky skin on elbows, hands, and knees and let me tell you….this has been wonderful for my hands in recent weeks as my hands are drier than ever with all of the hand washing. You receive the larger size (7 ounces) in this gift set but both sizes are available to purchase on their own too. 

I am loving the Haute Cocoa® Body Butter that came in this gift set and it is as rich and as decadent as a bar of your favorite chocolate..without the calories! This body butter is made with nourishing honey plant oils and cocoa butter. Chocolate if known for its serious nourishing power for the skin due to its high levels of antioxidants and caffeine. It helps to even skin texture and can even boost collagen production. I am seriously loving this body butter as it provides serious moisture for dry and irritated akin and it is perfection for the cold weather months.

Haute Cocoa Honey Body Scrub

The Haute Mama Gift Set contains a 7 ounce container of the Haute Cocoa® Scrub which goes hand in hand with the Haute Cocoa Body Butter. Everyone knows that good exfoliation is crucial for the health of your skin as it allows your body to drink up the moisture that the Haute Cocoa Body Butter provides. This scrub is packed with chocolate extracts, cocoa butter and powder that provides your skin with a punch of antioxidants. This provides fabulous and gentle exfoliation while moisturizing at the same time and it is the perfect way to combat dry and flaky skin.

The Haute Cocoa Scrub is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that increase the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. The ingredients in this scrub really pack a punch to your lackluster skin and the caffeine found in chocolate ingredients increases your blood flow and collagen production, which increases skins luminosity. This wonderful concoction is made with honey crystals, shea butter, and real chocolate extracts that provide deep moisture and nourishment to your complexion. I love that the formula is 79.5% organic and this must have scrub was featured in Allure and Washington Post.

Peace on Earth Soy Tin Candle

The Haute Mama Gift Set also comes with the Peace On Earth Lavender Soy Tin Candle which is wonderful! I am a huge fan of Waxing Kara’s fabulous candles as they provide you with a fabulous fragrance experience all in a tin that you can literally take with you anywhere! This candles fragrance description is warm and sunny lavender that combines with gentle vanilla to create Waxing Kara’s Peace on Earth Soy Tin Candle. Delightful as a summer’s day, and just as relaxing!

Do not let the small size of the Peace On Earth Lavender Soy Tin Candle fool you as it has a 15 to 17 hour burn time which is huge! The fragrance of this candle will make you feel as if you have stepped into the rows of lavender at Chesterhaven Beach Farm and are basking in the peaceful glow of the purple blossoms. It is formulated with natural fragrance and essential oils, and each Peace on Earth Lavender Soy Tin Candle is hand-formulated and poured with care. Fragranced with a touch of vanilla for softness, their lavender candle will remind you of fresh sheets, sunny days, and the charm of the Eastern Shore. This fragrance is wonderful and super relaxing and it is perfect for any space in your home. It is also available in large 6oz Jelly Jars.

Sweet Lips Red Trio

In the Waxing Kara Haute Mama Gift Set you will also receive their Red Tinted Lip Balm Trio that is made here in the USA and let me tell you….. they are everything! I love all 3 shades that come in this collection and the added tint of color to the lips is super natural and beautiful looking. They are made with a 92% organic formulation that pampers your lips by providing luxurious moisture with a sheer kiss of color to brighten your day and your mood. Honey, beeswax, botanicals and mineral colors combined to form a richly nourishing formulation that will leave your lips smooth, soft and shimmery.

This trio has your lips covered if you’re looking for a serious dose of moisture as it is formulated with honey and plant oils to be soothing to the lips, and colored with mineral pigments for a naturally vibrant pop of color. These Sweet Lips are soothing on dry, chapped lips, without heavy mineral oils or tacky fillers. In this trio you receive three beautiful shades…. Red Rose, Cranberry and Crimson. If you are in need of a USDA Certified Organic Honey Lip Balm with no tint then try Waxing Kara’s Sweet Lips Honey Lip Balm.

Honey Lollipop

This fabulous gift set also contains a delicious Honey Lollipop from waxing Kara! This Honey Lollipop provides portable sweetness on a stick and it’s perfect as a sucker or for stirring into a cup of hot tea too as a sweetener. Waxing Kara’s original honey lollipops are handmade and have been featured in Cooking Light, Lonny, Food & Wine and Southern Living Magazines. Each lollipop weighs about one ounce and you can buy them by the bag or the box. Makes a great teacher gifts, great co-worker gifts and they are fabulous favors too!

Haute Cocoa Face Mask Sample Size (1 oz)

You also receive a generous sample size of the Haute Cocoa Mask in the gift set and this is the perfect way to renew, detoxify and soothe your face and body! The Haute Cocoa Mask is a luxurious combination of cocoa, clay, blueberry extract and other botanical ingredients. The Haute Cocoa® Mask is filled with powerful antioxidants that renew and revitalize your skin. It combats fine lines, dry spots and dull complexions to reveal bright, radiant skin. I will most definitely be picking up a full size product of this as I loved the experience when using it and ultimately the results.

So what do you think of the Haute Mama Gift Set from Waxing Kara? Are you like me and on the lookout for the perfect gift for mom that will pamper her and provide her with amazing products that smell wonderful and that are Bee Inspired? Are you also a lover of made in the USA products like myself? I love doing anything I can to help promote and protect our honeybees (and our country!) and Waxing Kara is the perfect example of this. Check them out online and on social media today!


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  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d love to use that Haute Cocoa Body Scrub with honey in it. I like trying new skincare scrubs, etc. And, I bet it smells amazing, too.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d like to try that scrub out. I love trying new skincare stuff, especially scrubs. Oh, I bet these all smell amazing.

  • Amber Kolb

    Everything looks and sounds wonderful!! I love bath and body products. That’s my at home pampering routine.

  • Edna Williams

    With flaky skin, I will definitely be checking out their skincare products! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kasey

    I would have such a difficult time deciding what to buy! The scrub and moisturizer sound like what my skin needs right now, but it’s hard to pass up a nice “treat yourself” item.

  • Jen R

    These products look amazing. I am especially interested in the Haute Cocoa Mask that is filled with powerful antioxidants that renew and revitalize your skin. My dull complexion right now needs that!

  • lisa king

    i love the lipbalms and the body scrub,i would probably gift it to my mom also since she loves things like this also

  • Brianna Beers

    I would love to try the Sweet lips with my daughter! I love that these products are hand made too. I will definitely be doing business with this company in the near future. Thank you for your review!

  • Christa Sloan

    I would honestly love to try these products. I really need to use more natural products on a regular basis.

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